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   Chapter 58 The Formidable Opponents

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"She looks breathtakingly beautiful. Her charm must be at par with that of Marcia's and Lena's." Rocky observed as he stroked his jaw. His eyes sparkled with admiration. He knew Erica was always quite the beauty, but seeing her up close only reinforced that truth.

Felicia and Erica were warmly welcomed by the crowd. They went across the square, along with the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, and sat gingerly on their designated seats at the end of the square. The princes including Alston and ministers of the Holy Dragon Empire waiting there made their salutations to Felicia to show their respect.

The instant Alston saw Erica, his mind became unsettled.

"Preceptor Felicia, please take a seat." The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire respectfully reached out to invite Felicia.

"Your Majesty, you're welcome." Felicia nodded. She waited for the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire to sit before she settled herself on the seat of honor beside him.

Then Lena sat down with Erica aside. When chatters and murmurs of the guests simmered down, Priest Dean took a step forward to announce the beginning of the Dragon Birth Festival.

Soon, people sang and danced in the center of the square in an ecstasy of joy.

"Thanks to Her Majesty, we have the great honor to receive Preceptor Felicia at the Dragon Birth Festival of the Holy Dragon Empire. Please send my warmest appreciation to her when you return," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire said with a benign countenance, humbly presenting himself. As was known by most people, Felicia was the white-haired person of the empress of the Magic Phoenix Empire. She was delegated to take charge of most of the principal affairs in the Magic Phoenix Empire. This showed that she was a person of high influence there. Thus, the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire had to treat her with utmost respect.

"Your Majesty, you're welcome. Our empires have thrived in good relationships throughout. It's the honor of the Magic Phoenix Empire to be here to watch the Dragon Birth Festival of the Holy Dragon Empire. Her Majesty was very much enthused with your invitation, so she commanded me to take Erica, my disciple, and seven new phoenix spirit manipulators with me. This is a great opportunity for them to broaden their horizons. They can also exchange experience and skills with the royal spirit manipulators of the Holy Dragon Empire. From what I've heard, one of the new royal spirit manipulators even fused with the Holy Dragon Bead. As far as I can recall, it is the holy treasure of the Holy Dragon Empire from centuries ago," Felicia commented, her eyes directly fixed on the emperor's visage.

"You're very much abreast about the information..." The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire was both impressed and taken aback with the mention of the Holy Dragon Bead. He forced a laugh, trying to evade the embarrassing conversation, so he changed the subject and sai

s the contestants. Then, we can have a wheel battle between the two sides. The loser will be eliminated while the winner remains. The side that has no contestant to send will lose the battle," Felicia declared.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire shifted his gaze to Priest Dean as if looking for an answer. Unfortunately, the Priest was as dumbfounded as he was. They stared at each other speechless and stunned at Felicia's proposal. Apparently, it was against the Holy Dragon Empire. But in consideration of courtesy to guests, it was awkward of them to evade carrying out Felicia's plan once she had asked. Fortunately, they just intended to exchange experience and skills among the spirit manipulators of the two empires this time, so winning or losing was of no great importance. However, if the royal spirit manipulators lost the battle with enormous incongruity, it would be very much shameful for their empire.

"Go and arrange it as Preceptor Felicia said," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire ordered Priest Dean.

Priest Dean nodded immediately and did as he was told.

Not long after, he came to the rest area.

"Priest Dean..." Mia called as she bowed down.

"This comes as a surprise to us, but the phoenix spirit manipulators are so powerful. Although, it makes sense because they fused with the power of the spiritual race half a year earlier than us," Priest Dean analyzed as he locked eyes with Mia, but he still sounded a little unconvinced.

"The most powerful of them is merely at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. There's no need to be afraid." An arrogant voice came about.

They all turned their heads, looking for who the owner of the voice was, only to find that it came from Rocky who was dozing in the chair aside.

"You're good for nothing. Even with a few years more, you still can't reach the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. Stop deceiving yourself and others," Priest Dean scoffed with cold eyes.

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