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   Chapter 57 Is It Really You

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"You've really changed a lot! You've appear much stronger now and I hardly even recognized you. The traces of that frail little boy that you once were is completely gone!" Lena gushed as she surveyed Rocky from head to toe. Although Rocky had changed greatly in the recent months, it only took Lena a short while after stepping out of the carriage to recognize him. She was aware that the new royal spirit manipulators would come visit to celebrate the Dragon Birth Festival, Rocky included.

The young nobles and spirit manipulators watched as Rocky socialized with Lena, talking, laughing, even holding hands and acting close towards each other. They all grew jealous of him. They were all surprised when they witnessed Rocky acting intimate with Marcia last time. Now, he was socializing with Lena, a Witch from the Holy Dragon Empire. It was all unexpected. Their brows furrowed as they tried to figure out how Rocky seemingly became so charismatic and attractive in the eyes of the two stunning beauties.

"I thought you'd say that you missed me." Rocky pouted and pretended to be disappointed.

Lena lightly chuckled and played along. She shook Rocky's hands and said, "Alright, fine. I missed you a little bit and I've been worried about you all the time. How have they been treating you at the dragon field? Are you being bullied over there?"

"Am I being bullied? Are you kidding me?" Rocky quipped. He then turned around to face his teenaged companions and shouted, "Hey! This beautiful girl is asking whether you guys have been bullying me! Is that right? Have you been bullying me?"

The teenagers' eyes widened in fear. They all hurriedly shook their heads. None of them dared to offend Rocky.

"You see? I'm the boss here!" Rocky said, glancing back at Lena with a big grin on his face.

"Oh my goodness. What luck has befallen you? You're so imperious now." Lena put her hand over her mouth to stifle a laugh. Lena noticed that Rocky had morphed into a different man. He was energetic

be about forty years old. She had arching eyebrows and red phoenix eyes. She was aging but she had a well-maintained beauty. She also exuded an aura of powerful authority, being a spirit manipulator at the Divine Stage. She was Felicia Feng, the imperial preceptor of the Magic Phoenix Empire. She was leading a delegation to the Holy Dragon Empire to celebrate the Dragon Birth Festival. The delegation was composed of several phoenix spirit manipulators who represented the Magic Phoenix Empire.

The woman on the right was much younger, probably in her early twenties. She looked divine in her white brocade phoenix robe that made her eyes look as clear as a spring. However, as beautiful and exquisite her face was, it showed no emotions.

She was the one who was causing all the commotion. She had stolen everyone's attention and became the sensation of the Dragon Birth Festival. She was none other than Erica, the best spirit manipulator among the young generation in the Magic Phoenix Empire. Young as she was, she had already reached grade nine of the Heavenly Stage. Felicia was Erica's master.

Most of the young nobles and spirit manipulators who came to celebrate the Dragon Birth Festival were fervent admirers of the exquisitely beautiful Erica. It was quite natural that her arrival at the square would cause an uproar.

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