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   Chapter 56 Hello There

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7189

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"Do you want to use your Cloud Tiger against my Uriah?" Rocky was teasing Flint.

"That won't be necessary. We are all going to the Dragon Birth Festival tomorrow. I just came over to tell you this, in case you forgot," Flint said.

"Damn! I almost forgot. Thank you." Rocky just remembered that Mia had mentioned it two weeks ago.

Flint gave Rocky a nod and then turned to leave with his Cloud Tiger. He stopped suddenly and turned to Rocky. "I'm looking forward to seeing your performance with Uriah tomorrow." After that, he left.

"What are you expecting to see anyway? Is he in love with me or something? That would be too much." Rocky mused to himself and started practicing on the rock by the pool.

The following morning, he made it back to his room earlier, but Flint was nowhere to be seen. It was not until he had changed his clothes that Flint came back, sweating profusely.

"Where did you go at this hour of the day? Still so early," Rocky asked.

"I went for a warm-up with my Cloud Tiger," Flint answered.

"It looks like you are looking forward to the match at the Dragon Birth Festival," Rocky commented.

"Of course. I want to prove myself." Flint didn't say anything else.

"You are already very strong now. What's there to prove?" Rocky had heard on his way back that Flint was already at the fourth grade of Mortal Stage, which meant that Bear was the only match for him among the thirty royal spirit manipulators besides Rocky himself. They had been training in dragon field for just two months and Flint had managed to achieve the fourth grade of Mortal Stage. His progress had impressed them all.

"We are different as there has never been any expectation of you. But I grew up with them, so I have to be stronger. Otherwise I would end up disappointing so many people." Flint grew solemn as he had been carrying too much for too long. He could barely breathe under such pressure.

Rocky still did not get the meaning of his word and just gave a weak smile.

After some preparation, they headed for the assembly at dragon field with Uriah and the Cloud Tiger.

Most of the spiritual manipu

t these prodigies, but he said nothing more.

As the carriages slowly came to a stop, Rocky could hear the lively chatter from all around. They stepped out to a square decorated with lanterns and ribbons. The whole place was boisterous today.

Looking around, Rocky couldn't help but admire how smartly everyone in the square was dressed. Most of them were high ranking families, ministers, other dignitaries and powerful spirit manipulators.

The whole square was heavily guarded with guards everywhere on the ground, and several royal spirit manipulators riding their dragons on patrol.

"Prince Basil......" A beautiful and tender voice came calling the prince.

Rocky turned and saw Lena approaching with two of her maids. Her stunning looks caught the attention of everyone at the square.

"Hello there, little pretty lady." Rocky greeted cheerily, the moment he saw her.

"What are you talking about? I am not little. I am all grown up!" Lena ignored all the curious looks from the crowd and walked straight to Rocky.

"Then I'll just cut it to pretty lady. Although, large and lovely would be more fitting," Rocky said while staring at Lena's big bust.

"It's only been two months since I last saw you, and you have become such a slick." At his lustful gaze, Lena rolled her eyes. She was angry, but she casually let it pass. After all, she was a girl, and one who had no problem with being complimented.

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