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   Chapter 55 Rocky's Lucky Charm

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No one would have ever thought that the spiritual crystal could be used for the cultivation of the spiritual power. It was originally used for upgrading the star rating of spirit-manipulated beasts and it was something that people never thought to try. Rocky utilizing the spiritual crystal to accelerate his cultivation was a highly risky thing to do. After all, the spiritual power of the spiritual crystal was too much for humans to take. One could be injured or even die for even trying. It was a hard lesson that they learned from other's mistakes.

"Just take it easy. Don't swallow the whole piece," Rocky said as he placed the yellow spiritual crystal in front of Uriah.

Uriah grabbed the crystal and gave it a lick and it seemed like it had tasted something delicious. It suddenly opened its mouth and swallowed the whole thing at once.

"Whoa, hey! I said take it easy!" Rocky exclaimed, rolling his eyes at Uriah.

Uriah grumbled in protest.

A few moments after swallowing the yellow spiritual crystal, Uriah began writhing in pain and Rocky felt a strong surge of spiritual power coming from it. The spiritual crystal had begun working. Rocky then relayed his dragon spiritual power to his left arm and placed it on Uriah's forehead. The Dragon Spirit Mark around his left arm stared to sparkle.

The moment the dragon spiritual power entered Uriah's body, the spiritual power that it obtained from the crystal immediately flowed to Rocky's arm. Rocky then felt as if an explosion was taking place inside his body, which made him tremble in pain.

Rocky took a deep breath and began cultivating grade six of the Mysterious Dragon Skill. He initially could not control the strong spiritual power that he absorbed from Uriah, but his dragon spiritual power gradually began to assimilate the power and relayed it into his energy meridians. It was the same as the last time, but the only difference was that he did not pass out and he felt certain that it worked.

His dragon spiritual power acted like an energy converter, absorbing Uriah's spiritual power and then assimilating i

the yellow spiritual crystal at the same time. He knew fairly well that it was another highly dangerous thing to do. However, he was quite satisfied with the outcome before, so it was a risk he was more than willing to take.

Rocky had reached grade seven of the Mortal Stage by the day before the Dragon Birth Festival arrived. Meanwhile, Uriah was now close to reaching the third grade of the three-star level, making it almost invincible against those war beasts at its same level.

"Only one yellow spiritual crystal left. I would be able to upgrade to grade eight of the Mortal Stage. It seems that I have to exchange the magical saliva for General Beauty's yellow spiritual crystals," Rocky contemplated. It would be impossible for him to get a hold of even one yellow spiritual crystal by himself. As he thought about it, he remembered Uriah was a great help in making all the progress that had been achieving possible. If not for Uriah's magical saliva, Rocky would have had no chance in saving Marcia out of danger.

Uriah was really Rocky's lucky charm.

All of a sudden, the bamboo leaves rustled.

Rocky turned around and saw a figure walking with a white tiger. It was Flint and his Cloud Tiger. After Rocky had triggered the Cloud Tiger's potential, he and Flint had been getting closer with each other. Every now and then, Flint would walk the Cloud Tiger around the bamboo grove.

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