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   Chapter 54 Enhancing Rapidly (Part Two)

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Rocky concentrated and activated the fifth grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill as he soon felt the dragon spiritual power immediately linked with the spiritual power gathering crystal. The spiritual power gathering crystal began to twinkle constantly and gathered the spiritual energy between heaven and the earth. With the linking of the spiritual power, the spiritual power the gathering crystal absorbed was flown into Rocky's body through a channel which was served as a vessel growing outside his body.

Because it was the first time Rocky ever used the spiritual power gathering crystal and he was mesmerized by the magic and the wonderful feeling, he sat beside the pond for entirely one day and one night.

When he opened his eyes, a sharp light was emitted out of his body. At the same time, he jumped into the air. With the powerful spiritual power rushing out of his body, the multicolored light shone fiercely like the sun.


Under the strong impact of the spiritual power, the dust around the pond was blown into the air as the once quiet pond rippled violently.

"I think I've just reached the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage!" Rocky muttered in surprise the moment he landed. He had not expected that he could reach the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage so soon just by cultivating through the spiritual power gathering crystal for an entire day. It was as exciting as riding the rollercoaster.

Rocky needed at least ten days to half a month before he was able to reach the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage. But currently, he was able to break into the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage so quickly with the help of the magic power of the spiritual power gathering crystal.

"General Gorgeous. I love you so much!" Rocky couldn't help but kiss the spiritual power gathering crystal before he put it back into the silk bag. If anyone knew that Rocky had such a magical treasure in his possession, they would definitely try their best to take it away from him.

It was already afternoon. Apparently, Rocky had already missed his morning training. When he had returned to his room, he was immediately requested to go to Mia's office.

"Is this your office?" It was Rocky's first time to come to the place where Mia worked in so he couldn't help but look around in curiosity. The office was huge but the decorations were rather simple. It was not luxurious as one would expect but just a plain room with a pleasant smell from incense.

Mia was sitting behind a wide table as she stared at Rocky who was touring her office.

ng. He was attempting to take a risk again tonight. Last time, he had almost killed Uriah when he let Uriah eat the yellow spiritual crystal. Fortunately, he saved its life using his dragon spiritual power and it succeeded in upgrading its power to a higher grade. Now that he had three yellow spiritual crystals in his pocket, he wanted to try something again. Scientists always had a thirst for adventure but he seemed to be the most intense daredevil.

But now that Uriah was a three-star war beast, though it was only at the first grade, it was able to eat an entire yellow spiritual crystal without any trouble so he did not worry that what had happened last time would happen again.

Uriah got excited as it saw Rocky took out the yellow spiritual crystal. The spiritual crystal was extremely attractive to the spirit-manipulated beasts. None of the spirit-manipulated beasts could resist the temptation of the special spiritual power emitting from the spiritual crystal. So the spiritual crystals at higher grades would attract the stronger spirit-manipulated beasts. The smart ones of the spirit-manipulated beasts would not eat the entire spiritual crystal but would instead surround it and slowly absorb the spiritual power from the spiritual crystal. This was also why spiritual crystals at higher levels were harder to get because if you wanted to get one, you would have to deal with one or more spirit-manipulated beasts. So a spirit manipulator who was at least at the Heavenly Stage was only able to get one yellow spiritual crystal at a time.

In other words, Rocky was so fortunate that Marcia sent him three yellow spiritual crystals in one breath. He couldn't have been more grateful.

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