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   Chapter 53 Enhancing Rapidly (Part One)

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"It doesn't have any nature," Rocky answered.

"That's not possible. Give me your hand," Marcia doubted what he said so she grabbed Rocky's hand at once before he could even react. Meanwhile, she sent some of her spiritual power into Rocky's body.

"Eh? It really doesn't have any nature. Also, it seems that you..." Marcia suddenly put on an evil smile as if she had found Rocky's secret, but she soon solemnly said again, "How could it have no nature? It is way different from the recordation of the Dragon Master Clan." She seemed to have been looking for something in the Magic Spiritual Space from where she then took out a book from and said, "This Vast Nebula Skill is at the Earthly Stage and whose power has no nature. Though it isn't the spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan, it is created by a powerful royal spirit manipulator."

"How powerful was he?" Rocky asked.

"I will tell you once you succeed in mastering this skill. But you have to raise your power up to the Earthly Stage before you could begin practicing this skill. Even if you could cultivate at a high speed, you would still need to cultivate for at least one year before you can reach the Earthly Stage. So you have to be very patient," Marcia said with a snort.

"I'm afraid I cannot wait for that long," Rocky said worriedly.

"The Vast Nebula Skill not only contains the formula of the spiritual method, but also the complementary spiritual martial arts that comes with them. It is a very precious skill, so don't lose it no matter what happens," Marcia warned Rocky as she passed the Vast Nebula Skill to him.

"Why are you suddenly being so nice to me?" Rocky asked as soon as he took the Vast Nebula Skill. He had been quite suspicious of Marcia's recent behavior, but since she gave him these things for free, he accepted them all.

"Well. It is because I don't like taking others' things for free. So you can take this as payment for your miracle liquid. After all, I am no longer in need of any of these things," Marcia hesitated for a while before she could reply. It was actually all an excuse. She was nice to him because she wanted to use Rocky's power of the Holy Dragon Bead.

e me trouble, I will just ask Uriah to 'play' with them," Rocky said disdainfully. He then seemed to suddenly think about something so he asked Flint, "Do you have anything like... maybe small bags? Would you mind if I borrowed one?"

Flint went towards his bed and searched for something. After a while, he took out a palm-sized silk bag and threw it at Rocky. Rocky saw there was a word 'Ji', Flint's surname, embroidered on the silk red bag. It had a golden mark which looked like an emblem on it.

"Flint, you must have come from a very rich family. This bag looks very beautiful, as if it was made very delicately," Rocky couldn't help but guess. This was the first time that he asked about Flint's background.

Flint glanced at Rocky before he left with his Cloud Tiger without saying a word.

"Humph. He probably thinks he was so cool for doing that," Rocky snorted as he put the spiritual power gathering crystal and the yellow spiritual crystals into the silk bag Flint lent him. He then went to the bamboo grove with Uriah.

Because Rocky had just got the spiritual power gathering crystal, he was eager to try some experiments. Though it was still daytime and he could be easily seen by other people, he couldn't help but hunker down beside the pond as he held the spiritual power gathering crystal in his left hand. He was not sure how much magic the spiritual power gathering crystal had in it so he did not take the magical saliva first.

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