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   Chapter 52 The Surprising And Precious Gifts From Marcia (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6319

Updated: 2019-10-12 00:34

When Marcia saw Uriah, she was quite stunned by its size and asked in surprise, "Is it that little guy I saw last time? Why it has grown to such a big beast, and its power has leapt from one-star to three-star? Could it be because you fed it the whole yellow spiritual crystal?"

Rocky didn't deny the fact and nodded.

"Are you out of your mind? How could you feed the entire yellow spiritual crystal to a war beast that hadn't reached the level of one-star? Do you want to kill it?" Marcia snarled. She was really mad at Rocky as Uriah could have died after taking the yellow spiritual crystal.

"Don't worry! Uriah is quite healthy now!" Rocky spoke in a surprised tone. He never expected that Marcia would be mad at him because of Uriah.

"It is also my fault. I should have told you how to use the yellow spiritual crystal correctly. Luckily, it is fine now, otherwise…" Marcia hesitated to complete her sentence. "Unexpectedly, the yellow spiritual crystal has completely drawn out its potential. It's a pity that I am not a beast evaluator, or else I could have helped to evaluate the potential of your beast," Marcia added with a guilty look on her face. She seemed to be quite fond of Uriah.

"I might do a wrong thing, but you see, the result is good. Thanks to your spiritual crystal, Uriah has been able to grow bigger and more powerful. And for this I am sure, my war beast would like to thank you personally," Rocky told Marcia and yelled out to Uriah, "Uriah, she is your benefactor! You should express your appreciation to her now!"

As soon as Rocky finished speaking, Uriah seemed to have understood his words. At once, it jumped up and leaned against Marcia. It stuck out its tongue and began licking Marcia's face.

"No...! Stop licking me! Stop that!" Marcia was bewildered and at a loss by such a sudden and enthusiastic form of appreciation. Moreover, sh

unt of a cultivator's spiritual power, then the role of spiritual power gathering crystal was to strengthen his spiritual power. Thus, getting such a rare crystal free of charge, was no doubt like winning a great lottery for Rocky. He never thought he would be so lucky.

Realizing that Marcia didn't kill him, but offered him an extremely precious treasure, Rocky raised his eyebrows and took it without any hesitation. He thought of it as a favor that she was returning to him as he had offered her two bottles of magical saliva.

"And these three yellow spiritual crystals are for the small… No, I should say, it is for the big guy now..." Marcia continued as she delivered them to Rocky. He hadn't yet recovered from his ecstasy after getting the free and rare gift, i.e. the spiritual power gathering crystal from Marcia. Upon that she was giving three yellow spiritual crystals to him. Surprised at her gesture, he felt he would faint with such big surprises.

"All right," Rocky replied lightly and took them as well. Despite the confusion and the mix of emotions he felt inside, he looked rather calm outside.

"Well, there is one more thing..." Marcia thought for a while and asked, "Tell me, what's the nature of your dragon spiritual power?"

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