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   Chapter 51 The Surprising And Precious Gifts From Marcia (Part One)

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Hearing that Marcia wanted to have a private talk with him, Rocky had a bitter smile and shrugged. He turned around and had a look at the crowd that stared at him and Marcia. They were gossiping about them. He didn't seem to care as he strutted away with Marcia. Marcia, a well-respected and well-known general, didn't beat him hard, which meant that she had given him enough face in public. The crowd didn't know the truth and obviously thought that there was a special relationship between them.

"Master Mia, what on earth is going on? Why does General Marcia want to talk with that Basil?" The officials in the crowd asked, completely baffled. Those two people were supposed to be from two different worlds. They should never have got any chance to meet each other. Even if they knew each other, how could the mighty general be willing to talk to an insignificant civilian like Basil?

Just like the officials, Mia was at a loss and shook her head blankly.

The fact remained that nearly one thousand people at the dragon field were stunned, with their mouth agape. Other than watching them leave, there was hardly anything they could do.

Rocky followed Marcia. He was anxious as Marcia had been silent all the way. She seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. Unable to tolerate the silence, he walked a few steps forward. He could not stop himself and asked, "Excuse me! Marcia, why were you looking for me?"

"If I tell you that I want to kill you, so that you keep your mouth shut forever and also to prevent the revelation of my secret, how would you react?" Marcia asked jokingly. She turned around and steered her attention to Rocky. However, from the serious look on her face, Rocky felt that she was not joking at all.

"I've kept my mouth shut and never told anyone your secret!" Rocky protested and looked completely innocent.

"But, I'm still worried that my secret might leak out

ured out the secret, it would become rather unnecessary to kill Rocky.

Perhaps it was the first time in Marcia's life that she felt most helpless. When she could easily kill a person, she hesitated for a long time and gave it so much thought. It was definitely not her style. Usually, she was a very decisive and formidable general who would intimidate countless enemies on the battlefield. Never had she expected that she would be in such a dilemma.

"Damn it!" Marcia glared at Rocky's back and swore coldly. Seeing Rocky go out of her sight, she had no way but to follow him.

"Where are we going?" Marcia asked in a cold voice after catching up with Rocky.

"There's a little guy who is so eager to see you," Rocky said and beamed.

"Do you mean your war beast?" Marcia couldn't help thinking of the lovely war beast that followed Rocky last time.

Rocky didn't reply but simply took Marcia to his room where his war beast was kept. As soon as the door of his room was opened, a shadow of the beast sprang out, not towards Rocky, but towards Marcia. It was Rocky's war beast, Uriah.

Howl! Rocky saw Uriah get in front of Marcia, winked its two big eyes, stared at Marcia and shook its head, looking a little excited. Apparently, it recognized Marcia.

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