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   Chapter 50 Close Relations

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"We personally wanted to welcome you on your visit here, General Marcia," Mia and the other ministers who had been waiting for a long time came up to the general to greet her.

"There's no need for ceremony. I planned to visit secretly, to patrol. How did the news of my visit spread so quickly?" Marcia sternly said, unimpressed by the ceremony. The attention everyone gave her and the salacious gazes that she was receiving from the men made her uncomfortable and ill at ease.

Marcia's displeased expression began to make all the ministers feel nervous, their stomachs tightening in fright. They stood still as they anxiously held their breaths, hoping to give her a good impression. Marcia was one of the most powerful people in the Holy Dragon Empire. They all knew that if she would want to punish them for their incompetence, she would be able to do it very easily.

"It is our great honour to welcome you here, General Marcia. That is why we did our best to prepare an extravagant ceremony. It is our responsibility to do so," came the hurried reply of a minister, a big smile plastered on his face.

"I don't care for the ceremony. I've been used to it by now. It's just the same every time," the general coldly stated. She then turned to Mia and said, "Master Mia, please call out all the royal spirit manipulators."

"General Marcia, why don't you take a rest first?" Mia insisted. She knew that Marcia went for a visit to observe the training, but she did not expect that she would actually do it, let alone do it right away just a few minutes after her arrival.

"I believe I have made it clear that I am here to see their exercises," Marcia emphasized. However, inside her mind, observing the exercises was just an excuse for her to find the man who had cheated her.

Marcia ordered her soldiers to find Rocky. They had looked for him everywhere, including the dragon field, but they did not find any useful clues. But unbeknownst to them, they had already ran into Rocky. They were not able to recognize him because his appearance had changed quite drastically since he last met Marcia.

Rocky would be able to finally get Marcia off his tail. However, she was unyielding and insisted on going to the dragon field to look for him. Hence, this was the reason for her visit to the dragon field.

Perhaps it was destined that they would meet again.

"Y-yes! Of course, General!" Mia stammered, reacting at once. She did not dare say anything else; she just bowed down before Marcia and then turned back around to order every young man to assemble at the field immediately.

All the young men then instantaneously marched up to Marcia and respectfully greeted her.

Marcia looked at each of the young men, but soon shook her head in disappointment, turned to Mia and asked, "Are these all the young me

m what he did

because they had never seen a man touch Marcia, not even her hands. The way they saw it, if a man dared to try even just a tiny bit of flirting with Marcia, he would most definitely be beaten to death by her incredible fighting strength.

They considered Marcia as a holy symbol in their minds and Rocky dared to—at least they thought so—violate her.

"How dare Basil do that?" Mia gasped. She immediately frowned, wanting Rocky to stop his unrefined behaviour.

However, to everyone's surprise, Marcia did not start violently beating Rocky. Instead, she brought her lips close to his ear. "Do you want to die now? How dare you flirt with me in the public?" she said in a low voice, almost growling.

"You came here to find me. It might not be good news for me, so why not flirt with a beauty while I have the chance?" Rocky brazenly teased.

Marcia was so furious and taken aback by what Rocky said that she was at a loss for words and all she could do was glower at him. She did not want to beat up a young spirit manipulator like him because she wanted to maintain her excellent public image as a well-respected general.

However, things had become different in everyone's eyes. What they saw was Marcia and Rocky talking intimately and cuddling with each other. It made them even more curious about many things regarding the nature of the two's relationship. The prudish nobles and aristocrats carefully watched them as they gossiped among themselves. The scene that was happening before their eyes was probably the most interesting thing that had happened in their boring uneventful lives. Five versions of the story quickly spread among the crowd.

"Let's go! There are too many people. We need to find a quiet place," Marcia urgently said as she calmly turned around and got rid of Rocky's hand on her waist. She then proceeded to directly walk forward.

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