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   Chapter 49 Busy Dragon Field

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Marcia would be visiting the dragon field in the afternoon. As soon as Mia got this news, the entire dragon field, which had always been quiet in the morning, became lively.

To welcome Marcia, Mia and some other ministers came early to the dragon field and planned to redecorate it. They even went as far as planning to change it up to look like a big feast.

On top of that, many aristocrats, high officials, even members of nobility and royalty came rushing towards the dragon field after hearing the news. Even the ordeal of standing under the scorching heat of the sun did not stop them from patiently waiting for Marcia's arrival. They wanted to witness the graceful arrival of the Marcia who was famous all over the country with their own eyes.

"It seems like this Marcia is really famous. Even these privileged people are so eager to see her that they don't mind standing under the hot sun," Rocky said as he amusedly looked at the scene. He had no idea that Marcia's influence was this huge. He then left to return to his room.

The news of Marcia's arrival had already spread among the trainees in the area. They all went completely crazy as if they were pumped up with excitants. Although Marcia had been famous throughout the entire country for a very long time and these new royal spirit manipulators had already heard a lot about her, only a few of them had been fortunate enough to have met her personally. It was no wonder that they all acted like mad dogs upon hearing the news that the legendarily powerful and remarkably stunning general was going to watch them train.

"It will be excellent if Marcia would take me as an apprentice."

"I'm even willing to be her servant!"



Because Rocky was so concentrated on his cultivation, he did not notice that everyone else had gone until he heard a loud noise that came from the direction of the dragon field.

Rocky then immediately left the yard and rushed to the dragon field with Uriah. He saw numerous people crowded in the center of the dragon field as he passed through the gate. They all looked reverent as they stood in two lines.

A fancy carriage surrounded by hundreds of beautiful guards in silver armour soon showed up at the entrance of the dragon field.

The crowd grew even more giddily exuberant as they saw the fancy carriage. Everyone craned their necks, trying to sneak a peek at the beautiful general through the gauze curtain.

Rocky was close to the crowd when the fancy carriage stopped. He did not want to squeeze between the people in the crowd, so he just stood behind them.

A stunning figure then raised the gauze curtain and walked down from the carriage. Everyone finally saw the breathtakingly beautiful face of the general.

Everyone on the dragon field immediately went crazy, exclaiming excitedly at Marcia's beauty.

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