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   Chapter 48 The General Was About To Visit The Dragon Field

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Frowning, Marcia touched her back subconsciously. Worry was written all over her beautiful eyes. So tensed up, she began mumbling to herself, "Oh, no. I should not have trusted that guy. What if he cannot keep the secret? What if he accidentally lets slip? To avert a disaster, I have to take precautions.

In the first place, he has lied about his name, but since he is a royal spirit manipulator, it will not be difficult to find him. To get started, I'll need to investigate his whereabouts. I can't rest until I find him. Only then will I be at peace..." Suddenly, Marcia calmed down and stopped mumbling. An unexpected idea had struck her.

In an abrupt turn, her eyes sparkled with excitement. "Where are the maids?" she commanded.

Promptly, two maids in white brocade showed up and bowed in deference. Respectfully they asked, "What is the order, General?"

The dragon mark on the left arm of Marcia faintly flickered, then, by a mere lift of her finger, the water below them swooshed through a thin and long drift. An outline of a face soon condensed into shape by her magical powers.

"He is a royal spirit manipulator. I need you to find him at all cost. I don't mind even if you have to scour the entire Imperial City. As soon as you find him, come back and let me know. By all means, keep it all below, to avoid raising eyebrows," Marcia cautioned, after thinking for a moment.

"Yes, as you wish," the two maids readily took the order.

They left and began their search straight away, but they made every effort to stay under the rudder. So everything went on as usual, for several days without any surprise.

Daily, Mia made things so hard for Rocky that he wondered if this was karma, paying him back for misdeeds of his previous life—a life which he had no control over. Had he dumped her for another woman in their former life? She was pushing him to the wall with her so-called 'special treats'. Mia was proving to be a difficult sparring partner in his martial arts training. Fortunately, he could learn from Mia the Illusion Technique she applied in their daily practice. He could now apply it quite skillfully himself. The only consolation he had was that Mia was pushing him to give his best in training and he hoped it was good for his strength and endurance. All the bruises and injuries aside, there was a silver lining to the harsh treatment that Mia dished out on him.

There was a total of six palm, feet and finger movements in the Illusion Technique of the spiritual martial arts—two for each part of the body. Apart from illusions, the other elements of spirit

word of it only a few minutes ago." Mia too, was surprised. All in all, Marcia was now in a high position. Usually, she would not be interested in trivial things such as the training of newly promoted royal spirit manipulators. She had far more important duties on her plate.

"Priest Dean sent a messenger in particular to remind me that I must do everything to ensure the Great General a memorable visit. Not a single negligence or mistake is allowed. If anything upsets General Marcia, she would mention it to His Majesty. We will all be done by then." One of the ministers gave his thought. There was a reason for his worries. Marcia was cherished by the Holy Dragon Empire. So even the slightest unbecoming incidence toward her would have cause great disturbance in the entire empire.

Furthermore, no one else knew the background of Marcia other than the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire. When she first arrived in the Holy Dragon Empire, she was already a proud, nearly invincible royal spirit manipulator at the Divine Stage. Her level of cultivation base awed the whole empire. Word had it that she had fought against six powerful cultivators at the Supernal Stage and defeated them all. It was clear that her cultivation base was strong enough for the rank of general.

But Marcia remained a mystery. Most people did not know the first thing about her real power, and deliberately, she kept her background a top-secret. But without a doubt, her cultivation base ranked top in the entire Holy Dragon Empire.

That explained the urgent preparations that were happening here, ahead of the impromptu visit by the Great General. The fact that she was coming to review the training program called for thorough, meticulous work.

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