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   Chapter 47 Extraordinary Discovery

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7140

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Flint froze for a second as he looked towards the sound and saw a figure where the dart came from. It was none other than Rocky while the beast that just pressed him with its claws was Uriah.

"Was that you?" Flint realized in an instant that the attacker was Rocky.

"If I knew that this would work earlier, I would not have gone through so much trouble," Rocky said with a smile on his face.

Flint still did not understand the reason behind his actions. He felt both humiliated and furious. He approached Rocky and pointed the ice sword towards his face. Uriah wanted to protect its master but Rocky stopped it.

"You have every right to be angry. However, you will not achieve anything if you refuse to enter the tiger's den. Besides, who do you think just saved you?" Rocky asked Flint as he squinted at him.

Flint looked confused as he then looked at his Cloud Tiger.

"That's right. Your war beast just saved your life." Rocky affirmed his suspicions.

"That's not possible. How could the Cloud Tiger have such abilities?" Flint found it hard to believe that the Cloud Tiger possessed the power of ice.

"Uriah......" Rocky called his war beast to gesture it to attack.

Uriah immediately jumped towards the Cloud Tiger. The Cloud Tiger sensed the upcoming danger and immediately brandished its claw. An ice claw then shot out of its claw in an instant and was aimed at Uriah. Uriah dodged the attack as the ice claw went straight into the bamboo grove and blasted a couple of bamboos to bits and pieces.

Flint was shocked by what he just witnessed. He turned rigidly towards Rocky and asked him, "What the hell is the meaning of this? How did the Cloud Tiger learn to do all of that?"

"You've always treated it as a war beast that was only good with its strength. That was your mistake. The Cloud Tiger always had potential with ice in his body similar to a spiritual beast. Once activated, such ability can be used by the war beast the same way spiritual beasts do," Rocky explained to Flint in detail.

"How did the Cloud Tiger acquire a spiritual beast's power with ice?" Flint still couldn't

ht. He didn't know at that time that Flint would see what happened to be a favor he had to repay.

Rocky went back to the bamboo grove after Flint's departure and started to cultivate the spiritual martial arts that he learnt from his training with Mia.

Meanwhile, in a room full of aroma with pink portieres inside a magnificent residence at the northeast corner of the royal city, there was a beautiful woman in a pool of hot water with herbs floating around her. Many candles lit up the room like it was day light. The skin of that woman was tender and white while her hair was jet-black. She wore no makeup yet her face was charming and lovely. She was young, energetic, and lively.

Rocky would have still found this scene a treat to his eyes despite their last encounter.

The woman was none other than Marcia Mu.

She was leaning on the edge of the pool as she enjoyed the water around her body. A frivolous smiling face suddenly came into her heart as she opened her eyes.

"What the hell is happening to me? I have been thinking about him a lot ever since I got back. Am I regretting not killing him when we met?" Marcia shouted at herself in anger with a bit of confusion.

She then stood up from the water. Her curvy body was then exposed in the air and was indeed intoxicating. There was a mark of silver lines on her back that shone bright under the candle light. They were all very beautiful.

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