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   Chapter 46 Awakening

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"You hit me really hard!" Rocky said the moment he regained his balance. He touched his chest and felt numb.

"If you were in a battlefield, you had already been dead. Remember that you must never let your guard down regardless of the strength of your opponents. If you get cocky, you die," Mia reminded him.

"What do you call that move?" Rocky figured that he might as well get something out of the pain it caused.

"They are called the Illusionary Palm. Deity Finger and Illusionary Palm are both from a branch called the "Illusion Technique" in the field of spiritual martial arts. You can practice it once you make it to the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill. This is the only spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan that could utilize the dragon spiritual power without any of the nature being shown. No one ever studies this kind of spiritual martial arts anymore. As far as I know, I am the only one who....." Mia stopped talking before revealing any more information.

"Wouldn't that be just suitable for me?" Rocky had a weird feeling that Mia was deliberately demonstrating spiritual martial arts in front of him. She probably didn't know that he was at the fifth grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill. 'Was all this intentional or just random?' Rocky thought to himself.

"If you ever make it to the third grade with your Mysterious Dragon Skill, I will teach you more from the spiritual martial arts," said Mia.

"Is she trying to motivate me by showing me the power of the spiritual martial arts?" Rocky had a discovery that Mia was trying to motivate him with the spiritual martial arts. He never thought that Mia would ever have such concern for him. Maybe she was not as bad as he thought she was.

"What the hell are you talking about? I could seriously kill you if I wanted to." Mia suddenly turned stern. She had indeed been trying to be nice to him but he ruined it by getting cocky. She appeared in front of Rocky in a flash. She was so furious that she bombarded Rocky with a storm of kicks and punches.

The result was not surprising at all.

About an hour later, Rocky

ng. It came swooping through the air and took the fearsome hit from the claw! But the owner of the claw was too powerful as it kept pressing the sword towards Flint.

Just as Flint wanted to draw back because he could no longer hold it, a shadow dart shot forward about three meters away from him. Flint had no time to respond given the short distance while being suppressed at the same time.

The Cloud Tiger, which was unable to make it to its master in time, roared in anger. Roaring was not going to help its master now.

At that instance, the shadow dart just closed in on Flint with great force. If Flint was to be hit directly, he would probably die. However, there was nothing Flint could do as he watched it unfold right before his eyes. His face was covered in despair at the thought of dying right then and there.

At that very moment, it happened.

Just as the shadow dart was less than an inch away from Flint, an ice claw like a blade swooped through the air and clashed with it, causing a small explosion with a huge bang and sparks.

Flint couldn't help turning towards the direction where the ice claw came from. It was where the Cloud Tiger was. He never knew that his Cloud Tiger was capable of anything like it.

Meanwhile, the being that was suppressing Flint pulled back and stopped the attack.

There came the sound of hands clapping. A round of applause erupted around him.

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