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   Chapter 45 Double The Efforts

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Only Rocky's face seemed uninterested about the Dragon Birth Festival because he devoted himself to the Beast Evaluation Skill and studying the genetic makeup of spirit-manipulated beasts wholeheartedly and exclusively. Thus, he didn't pay much attention to the exchange of experience and skills.

"Bear and Flint, come on out," Mia called.

Bear walked through the crowd of young men.

"You two have reached the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill?" Mia asked.

Hearing this, the other young men discussed in surprise and admiration as most of them were just between the first grade and the second grade. Even the best of them could only reach the second grade.

Apparently, Bear and Flint were one step ahead of everybody else.

"I never expected Flint to also reach the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill." Even Rocky was a little surprised. He didn't communicate much with Flint so he knew little about him. The only thing he heard was that like Bear, Flint also reached the third grade of the Mortal Stage after fusing with the Dragon Spirit Bead. Now it appeared as if Flint's qualifications were as good as Bear's.

"Master Mia, are we allowed to begin learning the spiritual martial arts?" Bear asked eagerly. Given the fact that the spiritual martial arts was one of the most efficient ways to improve their power, it meant that it could also strengthen their spiritual power. Therefore, studying the spiritual martial arts was like hitting two birds with one stone.

Compared to Bear, Flint was calmer.

"That is correct. When one reaches the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill, he also becomes qualified to learn the spiritual martial arts. I've almost forgotten about that," Rocky muttered to himself. Now that he was at the fifth grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill, he had also achieved the qualifications to learn the spiritual martial arts. However, how could he learn that under the current circumstances where he must hide his real strength?

"That's why I asked you out here. From now on, you will begin to learn the spiritual martial arts with two deputies. Besides, they will also serve as your partners in training," Mia ordered while nodding.

"Alright," Bear answered with excitement.

Flint also nodded.

The two then left with the two deputies under the

as the finger force just brushed against his shoulder and hit the ground. Immediately, it exploded and flashed some splashing sparks.

"That is great. What is that?" Rocky asked.

"The Deity Finger..." Mia replied unconsciously.

"How did you create it? Like this?" Rocky imitated Mia. He put his forefingers together and gathered the dragon spiritual power of the Dragon Spirit Marks on his fingertips but he couldn't release a complete force like Mia did.

"You're doing it wrong. You must first gather the power onto your palms and then shoot it from your fingertips." Mia shook her head as she corrected Rocky.

"Oh. I understand." Rocky kept her advice in his mind.

"Even you are able to grasp it, you still won't be able to apply it in practice due to your low grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill, so you should just forget about it," Mia scoffed intentionally. However, she knew nothing about Rocky's purpose. He made the mistake because he wanted to learn the details of the spiritual martial arts directly from her.

Rocky, who just shrugged his shoulders, pretended to be innocent.

"Let's continue!" Noticing Rocky had stopped imitating, Mia immediately turned her palms over. Palm shadows then overlapped, making it difficult to tell which ones were real.

Rocky looked at them carefully but he still couldn't figure out the real ones. At that point, all the palm shadows ran towards him and hit his right shoulder. It was so mighty that he struggled to pull himself together after getting thrown backwards a few meters.

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