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   Chapter 44 A Bright Future

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Among all the nature and qualities which the spirit-manipulated beast had, Rocky recognized a special one which was a silvery ray. It was usually owned by spiritual beasts, dragons, or other extremely rare species. The silvery ray stood for Ice, which was the same as the Ice of dragon spiritual power owned by a royal spirit manipulator. Generally, a war beast couldn't have such a property.

But some war beasts, according to the Beast Encyclopedia, had the same special abilities as the spiritual beasts if their ancestors were hybrids of war beasts and spiritual beasts. Thus, a war beast might have a hidden spiritual ability like a recessive gene. Once activated, the recessive gene could release a special ability typically owned by a spiritual beast.

So the nature of Ice shown by Cloud Tiger could be regarded as an inherited recessive gene. It would have the same nature of Ice as a spiritual beast would after being activated.

"Now Flint, you owe me a big favor," Rocky grinned.

After checking out other nature and qualities of Cloud Tiger, Rocky concluded that apart from the hidden Ice, it had strong force and sensitivity but very weak defense which was represented by a blue ray. It meant Cloud Tiger would appear strong but had bad resistance to attacks, which was probably attributed to its genes. Since Ice was the most defensive nature, Cloud Tiger could make up its defect, once its Ice was activated.

"Little Tiger, do you want to be stronger?" Rocky cuddled its head.

Spirit-manipulated beasts usually repelled or even opposed people they disliked. Perhaps there were some traits in Rocky which made Cloud Tiger obey him.

Cloud Tiger howled as if replying to Rocky.

"Alright then, let's get started. The time your master gave is not going to be enough. I will have Uriah practice with you these three days. You should be careful with him because he is very sexually active and violent. I hope it behaves well, especially after it sees a female beast like you." Rocky patted Cloud Tiger's head. Then he

lf a month, he could have done it easily. However, Flint only gave him a limited time and he had to make use of it. Flint would have doubts if he asked for more days.

Rocky sensed a malicious gaze on him. He was sure it was Bear. So he casually snubbed him.

After the young manipulators gathered together, Mia appeared in front of them.

"From today, you will practice in pairs, learn to master the dragon spiritual power, and understand its properties. In half a month, you are going to attend the Dragon Birth Festival and compete with the phoenix spiritual manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire. If you don't want to lose face, you have to practice as hard as you can. You'd better nurture the mutual understanding with your war beasts and practice in collaboration. So that even a defeat on that day won't be a disappointment and disgrace," Mia advised.

Her words caused a bustle and everyone was excited. Excitement was in the air because the Dragon Birth Festival was a national celebration and it was extremely difficult to get the rare chance to compete with the phoenix spiritual manipulators of the Magic Phoenix Empire. Moreover, the person who would stand out in the Dragon Birth Festival would get favors from the royalty. And a bright future was assured. Everyone waited for such an opportunity and wanted to test their luck and destiny.

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