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   Chapter 43 High Hopes On Basil

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While Rocky was practicing the skills listed in the Beast Encyclopedia at the depths of the bamboo grove as usual, he suddenly sensed a strong breath. Someone was approaching. Alarmed, he immediately ceased his practice and controlled his spiritual power. Almost at the same time, a delicate shadow appeared in front of him.

"Master Mia! What a pleasant surprise to see you here!" Rocky was slightly shocked because it was Mia who came to visit him. He didn't expect her to find out about that place, which was supposed to be his secret practice spot. He was certain no one would even know that they could find him there. 'How did she find out about my secret place?' Rocky wondered stealthily.

"What? Are you surprised to see me?" Mia pretended to be mad at him and asked him as if she could read his mind.

Just then, a shadow of a beast darted out of the bamboo grove. In the blink of an eye, it approached Mia. It was Rocky's war beast Uriah.

"Uriah, stop!" Rocky ordered his war beast at once. He was afraid that it might hurt Mia.

Rocky's surprise was boundless when he saw Uriah reach closer to Mia, because it didn't attack her at all. Instead, it was meekly walking around Mia like a pet sheep, and kept licking her jade-like beautiful hand. Thinking that licking was not enough to show its affection to Mia, Uriah even began to rub its head against Mia's legs and arms. Mia, on the other hand, did not seem to be irritated by its intimate behavior and simply allowed it to do as it wished. Rather she was patting it softly.

"Wow, Uriah, you are unbelievable! When you see a beauty, you become so excited that you forget even your own master!" Rocky grumbled, but deep inside, he envied his war beast as it could be so close to Mia. He kept thinking that if only he had been treated by Mia like that.

"It looks like what I have heard is true. I didn't expect that your war beast would grow to this extent in such a short time," Mia remarked, narrowing her eyes. Some time ago, she had met Priest Dean. While returning, she accidentally heard a few young men talking about what had happened to Rocky recently. It was at that moment that she got to know about the conflict which happened in private two days ago between Rocky and Bear. Rocky even had a fierce fight with Bear's three-star war beast Lion Eagle. It was surprising that in the end, the Lion Eagle was brutally defeated by a more powerful war beast. Towards the end, Lion Eagle was supposed to have got so intimidated that it didn't have the slightest courage to fight back. After overhearing the young men, she couldn't help but ask them specifically whose war beast had the power to defeat Lion Eagle. They informed her that it was Rocky's. Mia was surprised and she came to Rocky to confirm that information. She also had to talk to him about another important matter.

Rocky got a feeling that Mia knew about what Uriah had done recently. He knew he couldn't hide it from her anymore, so he smiled and said, "I can't believe that even Master Mia has come to know about it. If I am guessing right, by now, what Uriah has done is known to people all over the world."

"Although I am not a beast evaluator, I can tell that your war beast could be a three-star war beast. I think its

with a smile. "By the way, I hope you remember the promise you made yesterday. So, can I borrow your Cloud Tiger now?" He asked Flint.

"All right! But just for three days," Flint stressed on the number, as he replied to Rocky.

"Then we start from tonight!" Rocky exclaimed at once and nodded his head. He would be able to do what he had planned.

When the evening fell, Rocky took Uriah and Flint's Cloud Tiger to the bamboo grove and began to use Cloud Tiger to practice the Light-assisted Evaluation Skill. Rocky immediately felt that using a spirit-manipulated beast for practice was quite different from practicing without it.

"Evaluate!" Rocky said as he began to exercise his Light-assisted Evaluation Skill. After making Cloud Tiger sit well, he sat down in front of it with his legs crossed and slowly began to work on the Light-assisted Evaluation Skill. As time passed, a triangular mark appeared at the foot of Cloud Tiger. The next moment, the mark began to shine brightly and its light got reflected on it. Meanwhile, its body projected a cluster of light with different sizes and different wavelengths, which were arranged in a unique sequence. These were all the qualities of Cloud Tiger, which it had from the time when it was born.

Although Cloud Tiger was a two-star war beast, its strength didn't even reach the power of a one-star war beast. Therefore, Rocky's Light-assisted Evaluation Skill could easily evaluate all its qualities.

Suddenly Rocky noticed that among all the rays of light which were reflected on Cloud Tiger, the brightest and thickest of them was a cloud of silver-white light. It immediately caught his attention. He clearly remembered that Flint had once told him that Cloud Tiger was a war beast whose special quality was its strong power, but the silver-white light didn't represent the power. Only red light represented. If Cloud Tiger's special quality was power indeed, the brightest and biggest light should be the red light. Based on the above deductions, Rocky felt that there must be something wrong with Flint's knowledge about his Cloud Tiger. Probably Flint wasn't fully aware of the strength of his own war beast!

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