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   Chapter 42 An Expectation

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"Is this... W-what is this?" Bear's face turned blue as he saw his Lion Eagle pressed under Uriah almost to the point of dying. Bear feared for his Lion Eagle thinking it was on the brink of death. He was then naturally overwhelmed with remorse. If he had known it was bound to happen, he wouldn't have provoked Rocky. But what he was more curious about was what this large animal was.

"What do you mean? It is my war beast," Rocky replied as he held his arms across his chest.

Rocky's words immediately dropped the jaws of Bear and the other young men, because as far as they knew, Rocky's war beast was a tiny little thing that was as weak as its master. However, that little thing had turned into an enormous animal within only a month. More importantly, it had defeated a three-star war beast in a fight in a truly mesmerizing fashion.

"That is nonsense! That can't be your war beast." Bear was unconvinced because he believed it was impossible for a war beast to grow that fast.

"Is that so? Uriah, tear this Lion Eagle's wing for me," Rocky commanded in a cold voice.

Without the slightest hesitation, Uriah gripped the Lion Eagle's wing with its teeth in an attempt to tear it apart. The Lion Eagle cried out in pain as it lay on the ground. The scene was so miserable that it was very hard to watch.

"Alright, I believe you... I believe you... Please show some mercy!" Bear asked for forgiveness as he saw his beast crying in pain. He was slowly falling into a depressive state himself.

"Remember! You shouldn't be messing with me." Rocky darted an annihilating look towards Bear. Since he didn't want to get into trouble, he ordered Uriah to stop and immediately left with him.

"Bear, are you going to let him go that easily? Though your war beast couldn't stand a chance against his, you definitely have enough power to pack him up," the other young men shouted. Seeing Bear who used to be domineering lose his temper, they all defended him against the injustice.

"Shut up. What do you mean my war beast didn't stand a chance against his? It sneaked up on my Lion Eagle and attacked it. If they had gone toe-to toe with one another, my Lion Eagle would surely have a landslide victory. It really bothers me to teach him a lesson myself. However, anyone who dares

. If I could be given a chance, I'd like to exchange experience and skills with her," Mia said with arrogance, since she was also at the ninth grade of the Heavenly Stage and was only two years older than Erica. Furthermore, she was also one of the top spirit manipulators of the younger generations in the Holy Dragon Empire which gave her a great advantage.

"For any spirit manipulator, reaching the Supernal Stage is a serious challenge. If they fail, they will be deemed nobody throughout the entire life. In all ages, a lot of first-class spirit manipulators stop there. If Erica succeeds in reaching the Supernal Stage at such a young age, she will indeed be very promising," Mia said as if absorbed in thought.

"Master Mia, don't be too modest," Priest Dean said. "I hope some of the thirty new royal spirit manipulators could stand out to gain some honor for the Holy Dragon Empire. Master Mia, I deeply appreciate your hard work in cultivating them on behalf of the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire. Actually it's far more than an exchange, the spirit manipulators from both sides will have to learn more about each other's power through battles.

In my opinion, the most promising one would be Bear from the Ximen Clan. I think his prospect looks very good, so Master Mia, please pay more attention to him." Priest Dean swiftly changed the subject to entrust Mia with a task.

"I will try my best." Mia nodded. However, in her mind, another cynical figure appeared, whom she had placed really great expectations on.

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