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   Chapter 41 Uriah Reveals Itself By Striking The First Blow

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6553

Updated: 2019-10-12 00:23

Bear and his partners quickly realized that Rocky seemed to have undergone a recent transformation. They were in shock. It had been just one month since they'd seen Rocky! How could this once-frail boy suddenly grow immensely strong and become so powerful and self-assured!?

"Say it again if you have the guts!" Bear growled scoldingly, burning with rage at Rocky's words and attitude. He immediately recalled that one month ago, he had lost a bet to Rocky.

"You want to talk about guts? Who's the one that sent two fools to do his bidding because he was too afraid?" retorted Rocky with a sneering smile.

"How dare you …" Bear fumed with rage. He clenched his trembling fists, shooting daggers at Rocky with his eyes. But unsupervised fighting was prohibited by the explicit order of the dragon field. It would be unwise to hit Rocky here and now.

"Bear, this brat is so ignorant and arrogant. We must teach him a lesson!"

"I agree. He has no respect at all for Bear!"

"Bear can kill him with just a snap of a finger! How dare he provoke him?"

Several teenagers behind Bear began to fling words of flattery. None of them were the least bit sincere.

"Humph! He is not worth wasting my time on!" Bear pretended to be arrogant, but the truth was that he was quickly feeling inferior to Rocky and couldn't wait to kill his rival immediately.

"In front of me, you are so obedient and submissive. You are my sweet grandchild!" Rocky was fully aware that Bear didn't dare to strike the first blow, and decided to take the opportunity to humiliate him.

It seemed that Rocky's speech had reached the limits of Bear's tolerance. He lost his temper, breaking out into a furious rage with a murderous glint in his eyes. He signaled to his war beast, the Lion Eagle which was always on his side, to attack Rocky immediately. The Lion Eagle at once soared high into the air, making a sharp turn to attack Rocky from behind.

'Duel fighting

is power in the battle, he could easily kill the Lion Eagle. But Rocky did not want to expose his true strength too early, and certainly not at this time and place.

At the moment, a loud sound of roar came from the fences in the direction of the bamboo grove. Rocky saw a beast's shadow zoom past him.

The shadow of a beast moved so quickly that Rocky and Bear could not see it clearly. Upon hearing a piercing squeal, they all came to their senses and realized that a dragon-like beast had pinned the Lion Eagle to the ground with its forelegs.

Bear and the other young men present were stunned into silence. They all knew that the three-star Lion Eagle was powerful. How come it has become so defenseless in the face of this big beast? This dragon-like creature was definitely stronger. Due to their limited abilities, they could not discern the combat capacity and star level of this big beast. They just felt the big beast was very strange and certainly ungaugeable.

"Uriah, what brings you here?" At the moment, Rocky involuntarily frowned as if nothing had happened. It turned out that this big beast was none other than Uriah.

Upon hearing his voice, Uriah romped around and yapped happily. The beast was quite hyper and did not understand that its master had intended to conceal him.

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