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   Chapter 40 Rocky's Big Change

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It was fortunate that few people would come deep into the thick bamboo forest. Otherwise, they would be shocked to see what had happened there.

After learning the Light-assisted Evaluation Skill for about a month, Rocky was able to master the first grade of the skill, enough to help him know the quality and star level of most animals. But until now, he was still not able to tell the star level and quality of Uriah, whose power was much stronger.

He had learned a lot about the skill, telling apart the quality of spirit-manipulated beasts. But these royal spirit manipulators that he lived with would not lend any beasts to him as yet. Besides, Mia forbade him from going out of the dragon field. They denied him a chance to use what he had learned recently.

Besides the Light-assisted Evaluation Skill, Rocky had also cultivated with the magical saliva for one month. His strength had reached the fourth grade of the Mortal Stage from the third grade, which was a significant improvement. Now, he didn't need to dilute the magical saliva. Instead, he could drink it directly because his body could absorb it more readily.

The magical saliva and daily exercise helped much in rebuilding his body. Just last month, he was very weak. Nobody would have expected him to make such big strides in a matter of weeks. At the beginning, he had been but a skinny boy, unlike the fine young man he now was.

Most importantly, Uriah spat four drops of the magical saliva daily, rather than three drops. Rocky used one drop every day and saved the other three in the bottle. Now, he had three bottles of the magical saliva. He had a plan. If he could meet Marcia again, he'd ask for an exchange of the spiritual crystals with the magical saliva.

"I need to go back for a while. You had better stay here quietly. Don't run all the time. I'll only be away for

"In fact, I only give Lion Eagle a red spiritual crystal. The leader of the Ximen Clan knew that I had selected a three-star, so he gave me the crystal to encourage me," Bear boasting, when he heard them all flowing with praises.

"Red spiritual crystal? That's a priceless treasure! Boy, you're so lucky! The leader of the Ximen Clan gave it to you! It is such a rich and powerful clan, and it's a pity that I don't belong there." The young men envied Bear.

"That's just but a tip of the iceberg. The leader promised me another crystal if I go back with the best grade from the dragon field," Bear said with a proud expression.

As he expected, all the young men grew envious.

"It is just a red spiritual crystal. Not a big deal!" A disdainful voice cut in.

Surprised, Bear and his partners lifted their heads to size up the cynic — a young man, right in their eyes, looking at them with a cocky smile.

"You are..." Bear and his crew thought the party-pooper was familiar, but they couldn't quite put a name to the face.

"I am your grandfather!" Rocky crossed his arms.

"You are..." Bear gazed at Rocky carefully and shouted in surprise, "You... you are Basil Long?"

"That's right, my grandson!" Rocky smiled.

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