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   Chapter 39 Study Hard

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Although Rocky had a month off from his basic training, he still had a lot of studying to do, the most important of which was learning how to evaluate the beasts. As there was no technology nor science in this world, he had to find another way to study their genes and create his own genetically enhanced beasts. He believed that the evaluation of the beasts might be his ticket to making his breakthrough.

In this world, no one had a better knowledge of the beasts or any other rare species than the beast evaluators who were tantamount to authoritative scientists around the world. It was the main reason why he wanted to be a beast evaluator as a huge first step.

After he returned to the bamboo grove, Rocky saw a dark figure running straight towards him at lightning speed. Before he realized what it was, the big beast jumped right on top of him and licked him all over.

"It looks like Uriah has evolved so much. It is so fast now that I don't even have time to react, which means its strength could now be even stronger than mine. It is merely a rock yet it has caused such a drastic change to Uriah. Its genes seemed to have been completely rearranged." Rocky patted Uriah as he muttered to himself.

Rocky set Uriah free to play by itself as he lay down on the rock by the pool. He took out the Beast Encyclopedia to read while bathing under the sunlight glimmering through the bamboo leaves.

A beast evaluator usually called all the species including war beasts, spiritual beasts, and other rare species like dragons the spirit-manipulated beasts. It was because the method to evaluate them was pretty much the same for all kinds of beasts. Although spirit-manipulated beasts were different in terms of appearance, the basic structure remained the same.

However, every beast evaluator applied different methods in evaluating beasts, just like there were different pills and prescriptions for the same disease. The one who wrote the Beast Encyclopedia had created an evaluation method called the "Light-assisted Evaluation Skill". One could use it as a basis for the analysis and evaluation of all kinds of spirit-manipulated beasts.

A beast evaluator was more than just determining the beast's star level. It also required for evaluators to discern all of its quality like ca

e, brightness, and even the very position of every light correspond to the sequence of the genes.

This Beast Encyclopedia brought about an opportunity for Rocky to take his research up a notch, thanks to that beautiful general.

A whole month went by in a flash.

In the deep parts of the bamboo grove

"Evaluating......." Rocky sat on the ground as he tried to use the Light-assisted Evaluation Skill on a rabbit.

At that moment, a triangle mark appeared on its foot and a bright white light shone out of it. The rabbit then reflected a very week and yellow light the size of a spark, which represented the agility of its extremities.

Howl! A beast then came in at lightning speed and ran off with the rabbit in its mouth.

Rocky was kind of used to Uriah always taking his subjects to eat them for lunch all.

Its appetite had grown exponentially since its evolution. The food Rocky brought from the canteen, including the raw meat directly from the kitchen was no longer enough for it. Finally, he let Uriah go hunting food for itself while bringing him back some subjects for his experiment.

As there were no proper facilities in the world to tame and nourish Uriah, he had to raise it in the wild to further improve its abilities. Uriah proved to be a born hunter with extraordinary motion skills. It could climb trees and swim in rivers at a great speed. It also had tremendous strength. The depth of the bamboo grove had already been leveled by it just because of its regular playtime for the past month.

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