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   Chapter 38 The Greatest Of Ease

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"Surely, if you succeed in lifting the bronze tripod, it means your physical qualities including your strength and power are good enough to qualify as a spirit manipulator. In other words, you no longer need to participate in the early stage of your training," Mia glanced at Rocky and nodded as she announced.

"I'll give it a try," Rocky smiled. If he could lift the bronze tripod, he would be exempted from training for a month. This would give him time to dig into the Beast Evaluation Skill. With this in mind, he walked through the crowd towards the bronze tripod.

"Humph. Even I couldn't lift it. I don't believe that piece of shit can do it. He just wants to show everyone that his power is at the second grade of the Mortal Stage. What a narrow vision. If he didn't fuse with the Holy Dragon Bead with his sheer dumb luck, he would've been just a nobody," Bear yelled deliberately to embarrass Rocky in public.

All of a sudden, the other young men kicked up a fuss and laughed at the idea of Rocky seeking the limelight.

"What if I could lift it?" Rocky sneered as he gave Bear a cold stare.

"If you do, I'll call you grandfather. But if you fail in lifting the bronze tripod, you have to run ten laps around the dragon field while barking like a dog." Obviously, Bear was still holding a grudge against Rocky, so he immediately seized the opportunity to provoke him. Although Mia could hear them, the bet was within reason.

And sure enough, she turned a blind eye on Bear's behavior.

"Remember what you said. Stay right here and prepare to call me grandfather," Rocky growled as he pointed at Bear.

In an instant, everyone burst into laughter.

Bear's face turned blue but soon he regained his composure when he imagined Rocky running ten laps around the dragon field while barking like a dog.

"Are you sure you can lift the bronze tripod? I told you that a man at least at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage can lift it and currently, you are only at the second grade of the Mortal Stage. The gap might be too big to ignore. I don't think you should be overestimating your strength. You might be disgraced!" Mia urged with the best of intentions.

Upon hearing that, Rocky was reminded of the bet they had. Now that he


"Damn it. How in the world did he lift it?" Bear gnashed his teeth. He wasn't aware of the fact that Rocky had everything under control and that he was completely sure of himself after his precise calculations. Therefore, Bear naturally fell into the trap.

Bang! Rocky put the bronze tripod down. If it wasn't for the deafening noise, maybe most people would have doubted the truth of it and refused to believe what they just saw with their very own eyes. How could Rocky who was weaker than them and was just at the second grade of the Mortal Stage lift such a heavy bronze tripod?

All the young men discussed animatedly in surprise. Bear's face turned ghastly pale.

In this case, Rocky had broken the record set by Shirley. With his power merely at the second grade of the Mortal Stage, he passed the challenging test with such ease. It was truly a rare sight for any new royal spirit manipulator.

That was just as it should be. All the people considered it a miracle. However, for Rocky, it was only a piece of cake with the help of his wisdom and talents.

"Master Mia, am I now exempted from training for the next month?" Rocky looked back at Mia.

She looked a bit odd as she glanced at Rocky. She then grudgingly nodded to affirm. The other young men shot an envious glance at Rocky. What a fortunate thing for Rocky that he didn't need to attend training for a whole month.

"Well, I'm leaving now." Rocky laughed and walked away under the watchful eyes of the young men.

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