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   Chapter 37 Let Me Try

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6252

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Rocky was about to take out the Beast Encyclopedia when the morning siren set off from afar.

"Time flies so fast." Rocky just realized that it was already morning and the siren meant that everyone else was about to get up. He also had to go to kitchen to help with breakfast preparations, otherwise Mia would punish him more severely for cutting corners.

Actually, he was having a hard time with Mia since his very first day in the dragon field. But now that he didn't have the energy to deal with her, he had to keep a low profile.

Growing so big in such a short time, Uriah would draw suspicion if it was brought back so Rocky decided to keep Uriah in the bamboo grove to keep it from being seen. Later on, he went back to his room to get his practice uniform and headed to the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen, Rocky ran into Mia who seemed to be lost in thought over something.

"Master Mia..." Rocky greeted Mia as he came up to her.

Mia responded with a slight nod, "Your punishment is over. Return to the dragon field."

"Really?" Rocky was surprised by Mia's sudden display of mercy because his punishment only lasted for a day before he was told to return to practice. He even considered studying the Beast Encyclopedia while doing his errands in the kitchen.

"What are you still doing here? Move!" Mia shouted at Rocky as she saw him still standing there.

"Right away." Rocky turned around and left. In his present cultivation stage, Rocky should not get affected by his absence from basic training at all. The current practice was mainly for improving their physical strength. With the magical saliva, he could improve his strength several times stronger than what they could achieve from basic practice.

The reason why Mia freed Rocky from the punishment was never out of kindness. It was because of a secret letter she recei

piritual power to lift the tripod using all the strength he had in his arms. The bronze tripod swayed a little and was gradually lifted above the ground.

The crowd was taken aback as they wondered if Bear could actually break Shirley's record with his strength only at the third grade of the Mortal Stage.

Silently, Mia was shaking her head knowing that he wouldn't make it.

Soon, Bear suddenly swayed and the tripod fell on the ground with a loud bang.

Even in his failure, Bear received a loud round of applause.

Several other people also tried but even making the tripod move the slightest bit was extremely difficult for them. Bear was, without a doubt, the best among them.

"Anyone else? Alright, training begins now," Mia said to them as she thought that no one else was coming up. Suddenly, a voice came, "Master Mia, lifting the tripod means one month of exemption from training, right?"

Drawing all the people's attention, the voice came from none other than Rocky. Although Rocky astonished people with his skills the last time, people doubted his ability to lift that tripod knowing that he was only at the second grade of the Mortal Stage and that he had a weaker physique. It was absolutely impossible for him.

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