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   Chapter 36 The Rapid Progress

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No matter how powerful a spirit manipulator was, he couldn't easily improve his cultivation with the much coveted spiritual crystal. Usually refined from beast bones containing spiritual power, the spiritual crystal had immense power. Together with the breed of the essence all over the world, its spiritual power was far beyond a man's control and endurance.

At the moment, Rocky was deeply alarmed, knowing that the power of the spiritual crystal might rip him to pieces. He could almost feel a stir in his body, his blood boiling and muscles twitching and jerking violently as if he was in in a meat grinder.

Luckily for Uriah, the raging spiritual power wasn't launched against him alone, as Rocky too, was affected, which meant Rocky shared hits pain and the attack was less focused. After a short while, tiny sparks popped and cracked around it, wrapping its small frame.

Seeing this, he made up his mind to soldier on with a stubborn will. On all accounts, he would never give up on Uriah. So, he kept the cultivation on even if it meant putting himself in danger.

After some time, the spiritual power that had threatened to rip him apart began to ebb. Uriah's dragon spiritual power had helped a great deal in lessening the full effect of the spiritual crystal. Like a whirlwind, the spiritual power circled through Rocky's body. For a moment, it settled in his belly, before finally going back to Uriah's Dragon Spirit Marks. The cycle of movements went on and on, bursts of spiritual power circulating between the two of them.

Though the pain in Rocky's body was less intense, the dash of the spiritual power was overwhelming. His mind started to cloud until he finally passed out, his hand still being dropping limply on Uriah's head. The circulation of the spiritual power between them still went on, cracking with tiny sparks.

At the break of dawn, the sun beautif

f saliva. He stood up and walked around Uriah a few times. Stroking his chin, he said to himself, "It must be the yellow spiritual crystal. Uriah has evolved. Besides its changes, I also accidentally reach the third grade of the Mortal Stage. Not only Uriah becomes bigger and stronger, its star level has improved as well. It is said that only a spiritual beast can rise its star level, while an ordinary war beast can't. So is Uriah a spiritual beast?" Thinking of this, Rocky's eyes lit up. If Uriah was a spiritual beast, he really got a treasure.

However, with his current power, Rocky couldn't really tell whether Uriah was a war beast or a spiritual beast. He also couldn't tell its star level. Judging from its body features, what he knew for sure was that overnight, Uriah had miraculously improved to the two-star level at least.

Rocky was eager to know the extent of Uriah's evolution. But it was so extraordinary that no beast evaluator would ever believe, hence he had no one to seek for help.

"Well, I have the Beast Encyclopedia..." Suddenly, Rocky remembered the Beast Encyclopedia that General Marcia had given him. He had better depend on that than go around asking for explanations of the phenomenal growth he and Uriah had experienced.

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