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   Chapter 35 Special Ability (Part Two)

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Hearing this made Flint hesitate. He knew that Rocky was only at the second grade of the Mortal Stage. He was afraid that Rocky wouldn't be able to take his attack if he launched a third grade attack.

"Come on! No hesitation and hit me with it!" Rocky knew what Flint was worried about so he tried to motivate him into fulfilling his request.

Flint's brows knitted together. He then began channeling his dragon spiritual power to his palm. Obviously, this one was much stronger than the previous two. The icy aura was even more visible this time as the air around his palm began to freeze.

"Be careful!" Flint reminded him. He was still worried that his third grade attack possibly hurt Rocky. The moment he launched his attack, an icy aura flashed in the air with a strong and cold wind that could freeze whatever it touched.

The palm attack arrived in front of Rocky in only a matter of seconds.

Rocky had already prepared himself. He then activated all of his dragon spiritual power to withstand the palm attack. At the exact moment the two forces clashed, and a bright ray of dazzling light appeared. "Bang!" Rocky was pushed a few steps back by the forceful impact as he covered his aching chest.

Although his dragon spiritual power was able to absorb Flint's attack, he was also hit by the attack. Now, he was beginning to understand the limits of the absorbing capabilities of his dragon spiritual power. Whenever his opponent surpassed the spiritual energy he could produce, the absorbing capacity would have more trouble taking the attack. The bigger the gap between him and his opponent, the more forceful the impact could be.

Rocky was delighted to know that he was right about himself even though he was slightly injured by the experiment. Although he still didn't know what the quality of his dragon spiritual power was, he now learned more about its special ability.

"Are you alright?" Flint drew back his dragon spiritual power and walked towards Rocky as fast as he could.

"Yes! I'm fine! Don't worry about it. Thanks a lot, man! It was a huge help,"

f them was feasible.

At that very moment, Rocky suddenly felt something on his left arm where Uriah was leaning on. He felt intense heat as faint streaks appeared around his left arm. It seemed that his Dragon Spirit Mark was activated by the spiritual power from Uriah. He was suddenly reminded of the absorbing capabilities of his dragon spiritual power.

Uriah leaned its head towards Rocky's left hand as it looked at him with its innocent eyes.

Rocky concentrated and began to channel his dragon spiritual power to his palm which he then placed on Uriah's forehead. All of a sudden, Uriah's strong spiritual power was flowing into his left arm. Dazzling light was flashing around his arm within a matter of seconds. The strong spiritual power was spreading inside his body as Rocky was struggling to take in the forceful energy. The pain almost killed him.

"Ah! Ah!" Rocky yelled out in pain. He had underestimated the spiritual power. How was he supposed to know that a little crystal could contain such powerful spiritual power? No wonder the spiritual crystals were considered priceless treasures in the Wild Spirit Land. And the spiritual power of the yellow spiritual crystal was different from what Rocky had seen before. It was much more wild and violent. It was like thousands of beasts were flowing inside his body and the pain was far beyond the normal humans' threshold.

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