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   Chapter 34 Special Ability (Part One)

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Rocky suddenly ripped out a loud sneeze on his way back to the Imperial City. He then rubbed his nose and murmured to himself, "Is it because someone is missing me?"

After rushing for a while, he finally reached the gates of the Palace City where he saw Jerry sitting on the carriage and smoking his pipe. It seemed that he had been waiting for Rocky for quite a long time.

"I'm so sorry, Jerry! I got lost on the way." Rocky made up an excuse as he gasped for air.

"Don't worry about it! Get on now!" Jerry smiled kindly and took back his pipe. He then grabbed the bridle and was ready to set off.

Rocky nodded at Jerry and climbed the carriage. Once they arrived at the dragon field, Jerry and Rocky began taking all the food they bought in the bazaar into the storehouse of the kitchen. By the time they were done with that task, it was already noon.

"Basil, it's your turn to serve those guys today. Put this on and keep your clothes clean," Jerry said as he handed Rocky an apron.

Although Rocky didn't want to wear it at all, he didn't want to refuse Jerry's kindness. So Rocky put the apron on despite his initial hesitations. Rocky then took a big pot of prepared food into the yard.

At the same time, the young men who just finished their training walked into the yard. When they saw Rocky dressed in an apron and was holding a ladle, they murmured among themselves to make fun of him.

"Hey! What the hell are you all murmuring about!? Do you want to have your lunch or not? Huh? You better watch yourselves! Otherwise, I will put laxatives in your food! Don't forget that I have to work in the kitchen for three whole days. Do you want to have diarrhea for three days? I think not," Rocky yelled at them threateningly as he brandished the ladle in his hand.

When they heard Rocky, they were reminded of what happened the day before. Rocky defeated the round-faced young man who was at the second grade of the Mortal Stage. The man was out cold and was still unable to leave his bed. Wit

concentrated and began activating his Dragon Spirit Mark. In a split second, his dragon spiritual power was channeled to his palm and emitted an icy aura. He then aimed it at Rocky without hesitation. Rocky also summoned his Dragon Spirit Mark the same time Flint did. He channeled his dragon spiritual power to his arms in an attempt to withstand the attack from Flint.

At that very moment, Rocky could clearly feel his dragon spiritual power absorbing Flint's spiritual power as soon as the two forces clashed. He could tell because he could feel the faint and weak spiritual power from Flint.

Flint was stunned as he saw his spiritual power disappearing into thin air. He froze and looked at Rocky.

"I was right about it!" Rocky just confirmed that his dragon spiritual power could absorb the spiritual power from others. But it wasn't much. It seemed like he could only absorb small amounts.

"Now, try the second grade!" Rocky said.

Flint channeled more dragon spiritual power to his palm and this time, a freezing fog began to arise around his palm. He then threw the attack at Rocky.

Rocky summoned his dragon spiritual power to defend the upcoming attack one more time. Although he succeeded in absorbing Flint's spiritual power again, this time was not as easy as the first time.

"Try the third grade!" Rocky told him.

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