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   Chapter 33 Marcia's Homecoming (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6968

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On the other side, Marcia stood on her Celestial Snow-white Dragon, flying through the sky above the Imperial City. Her appearance caused a commotion on the ground. The streets leading from the Imperial City to the Palace City were crowded with people when they saw the dragon fly across the sky. Countless eyes were fixed at the sky. They looked at Marcia with great respect. Many of them cheered her and called out her name.

Although, Marcia had been one of the Three Great Generals for less than three years, she was skilled in literary and martial arts and made several war achievements. In addition, she was exceedingly beautiful. Her prestige in the Holy Dragon Empire was getting closer and closer to that of Bryant, who was the first general of Holy Dragon Empire. Besides, countless dignitaries, even the rich ones, had been attracted to her by her charm. They were willing to pay any price in order to be close to her, even if it was just to talk to her face to face.

Marcia had amazing brilliance and charm. However, she made it clear that no man was special to her. No one knew if it was because she had a hard-heart by nature or it was because of her high standards. In short, she had never been seen getting close or being in contact with any man.

But no one could have imagined that their goddess had just been taken advantage of by a brat.

Marcia flew into the Palace City with the eyes of the public fixed at her. She was riding her Celestial Snow-white Dragon flamboyantly. In a short time, she landed in the middle of the square, in front of the Grand Holy Hall.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire and others had been waiting there for her from a long time.

"Your Majesty." Marcia felt extremely flattered that the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire greeted her in person. She jumped off her Celestial Snow-white Dragon immediately and got down on one of her knees, showing her respect with a graceful bow.

"You can rise up, General Marcia." The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire waved his hand. He asked her eagerly, "General Marcia, how di

ait." Seeing Mia there, something had come into Marcia's mind. Marcia called out to Mia and asked her to wait. She walked over to her and whispered, "Master Mia, is there any spirit manipulator in your team named Rocky Bai? Is he among the new royal spirit manipulators?"

"Rocky Bai? No. There is no such person," Mia thought for a moment and replied.

"No? Did he deceive me?" Marcia froze for a moment as the thought rose in her mind. Immediately she got angry, 'That brat had the Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm. No one else could have it, except the royal spirit manipulator. However, Mia says there is no such person with her.'

"General Marcia, what happened to you?" Mia asked with concern when she saw Marcia looking strange.

"It's all right. Thank you for your concern. You can go on." Marcia smiled and shook her head gently. However, after Mia left, her face went cold. "That bastard must have given me a false name. He must be scared, in case I found him. I would have killed him if I knew he was lying to me," Marcia said coldly with a murderous note in her eyes.

'I will definitely show no mercy to him when I see him next time, ' Marcia thought in her heart. She was taken aback by the way that brat had fooled her so easily. It had never happened earlier. She would not be deceived by a young lad. Indeed he had got himself into great trouble by lying to her.

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