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   Chapter 31 Stronger

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Marcia glanced at Rocky with a puzzled look as she returned the bottle to him. Rocky took the bottle and checked its insides. He was then shocked to see that the bottle was empty. Obviously, Marcia already drank the two drops of magical saliva. He yelled out of sadness, "Oh no! General Beauty, did you use them all up? Do you have any idea how expensive they are? Frankly, a single drop should be more than enough to make you feel better. You didn't have to consume both of them!"

"How was I supposed to know that? Don't be so stingy! Oh, you just reminded me. You still haven't answered my question on where you got the miracle liquid," Marcia said as she glanced at Rocky.

"Sorry but that needs to remain a secret," Rocky answered.

"Do you have more of them? I am willing to exchange my yellow spiritual crystals for more of your miracle liquid," Marcia said as she raised her eyebrows. It was obvious that she was very interested in Rocky's miracle liquid.

"Those two drops were all I had and you drank all of them!" Rocky grumbled. The nubbin in Uriah's mouth could only secrete about three drops a day. He had already collected all of them yesterday. The only way to acquire more magical saliva was to wait another twenty four hours. But he was certain that Marcia wouldn't wait that long.

"Fine," Marcia answered and changed the topic. "I am guessing that you are a new royal spirit manipulator who just recently acquired the dragon spiritual power from a Dragon Spirit Bead. Would that be right? If yes, then why are you here? Shouldn't you be in the dragon field to complete your training?"

"It's a pretty long story and I don't want to bore you with it, ha-ha! But that doesn't really matter now. What matters right now is that..." Rocky smirked.

"That what?" Marcia folded her arms in front of her chest as she squinted her eyes at Rocky and waited for him to finish his sentence. Her cold glare sent a chill down Rocky's spine.

Rocky slightly trembled in fear and continued, "I have saved your life. I understand that you don't want to give me any of your yellow spiritual crystals. But maybe you could offer me something else."

"You just called me General Beauty, which means you have full knowledge of who I am. So how dare you request for such thing? I know what you men want and you can forget about it! I will never marry you as a reward for saving my life," Marcia said threateningly. She knew very well that she owed Rocky big time, but she was worried that he would ask for something ridiculous. So she decided to act that way on purpose in an attempt to take the situation under her control.

"Nope! You got it all wrong. I just want you to be my teacher," Rocky said.

"What?" Marcia was caught by surprise. It wasn't anything like she initially expected from Rocky. She t

the greatest gift Rocky had ever received. He had been wanting to study more about beast genetics. Now that he had this book, he no longer needed to collect information for his research and this would save him plenty of time and troubles.

What's more, he could learn how to evaluate the star rating and quality of war beasts. Marcia was absolutely right. Being a beast evaluator was a popular and well-paid job in the Wild Spirit Land.

"Oh, and give this yellow spiritual crystal to your little guy. Such a cute guy deserves a better gift. But it might be too much for it to take, as it hasn't reached the star-one level yet after all." When Marcia saw Rocky was well engrossed in the book, her attention was shifted to Uriah in Rocky's arms. Uriah fixed its innocent eyes on her and groaned slightly. Upon seeing its adorable face, Marcia could not help but take out a yellow spiritual crystal and offer it to Rocky. She then jumped up to ride her Celestial Snow-white Dragon.

By the time Rocky closed the book, Marcia had already flown away.

"Oh come on! What's with all the hurry? I'm not going to eat you anyway," Rocky sighed. Soon enough, excitement began to fill his eyes as he looked at the book in his hand. 'Ha-ha! Giving her the two drops of magical saliva was totally worth it!'

Uriah, meanwhile, reached out and tried desperately to get the yellow spiritual crystal from Rocky's hand.

"Calm down, little guy! It seems like General Beauty likes you the most. She refused to give me a piece even when I begged her," Rocky said. He then kept the yellow spiritual crystal in his pocket. He was planning on feeding Uriah the crystal when it was time for it to upgrade its star rating.

"Holy shit! Jerry must still be waiting for me!" Rocky cried out the moment he remembered Jerry. With Uriah in his arms, he immediately rushed back to the Imperial City.

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