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   Chapter 30 Spiritual Crystal

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Hearing Marcia's words, Rocky knew that something bad was about to happen. As he expected, he immediately sensed a strong spiritual power behind him. Rocky then released his dragon spiritual power out of the Dragon Spirit Mark as fast as he could. As he did this, he turned around to block her attack. But she was so fast that the dagger could be thrust into his chest within the next second.

"Dragon Spirit Mark? The dragon spiritual power?" Seeing the Dragon Spirit Mark on Rocky's left arm, Marcia stopped attacking Rocky and called back her spiritual power.

Rocky was relieved when he saw the dagger stop in front of him. It was within ten centimeters away from his chest. He was already trembling in cold sweat.

"Are you a royal spirit manipulator?" Marcia put the dagger away as she asked Rocky. She looked at Rocky from head to toe and still could not believe that Rocky was indeed a royal spirit manipulator. If it wasn't for her timely reaction, Rocky would have already been dead by now.

"Bingo!" Rocky grinned. If he had known that she would give a royal spirit manipulator a free pass, he would have told her his real identity from the start.

"Humph. Lucky for you. Tell me your name," Marcia asked Rocky as she stared at him coldly. Even though she was one of the Three Great Generals of the Holy Dragon Empire, she was not allowed to kill a royal spirit manipulator no matter how badly she wanted to. Royal spirit manipulators were considered to be the elite force of the Holy Dragon Empire and only dozens of people are capable of becoming one every year. They were the go-to people of the Holy Dragon Empire. Moreover, she used to be one of the royal spirit manipulators herself.

"Rocky Bai. I just looked at it. You shouldn't be easily injured with just a glance," Rocky complained as he was still a little frightened.

"Shut up! Forget what you have seen. If I ever hear you talking about it to someone else, I will not hesitate to kill you and whoever you have told it to!" Marcia warned him in a chilling voice.

"Trust me, I've already forgotten about it," hearing her warning, Rocky replied instantly.

However, Rocky still has not realized that he had made a terrible mistake. The thing Marcia asked him to forget was the tattoo on her back which could be turned into a picture, but not the accident that he saw her naked.

"Hoot!" the white dragon with two heads and four legs roared loudly overhead.

"Snowy, are you getting hungry?" hearing its roar, Marcia asked with a warm smile. She then opened a gap in the air using her spiritual power and took out two yellow crystals to throw them up to the sky. The white dragon was called the Celestial Snow-white Dragon but Marcia calls it Snowy for short.

The dragon opened its mouth and devoured the two yellow crystals.

Rocky asked in confusion, "Why do you feed it with stones? Wouldn't that give it indigestion?"

"Stones? That is a yellow spiritual crystal. It contains special spiritual powers that could help spirit-manipulated beasts become stronger and evolve. There are six kinds of spiritual crystals. The special spiritual power they contain varies according to their colors. The hierarchy in ascending order goes: red, yellow, blue, green, indigo, and purple. As a royal spirit manipulator, how could you not know such basic facts?" Marcia stared at Rocky disdainfully.

"Wow. So what's the difference between feeding them spiritual crystals rather than regular food?" Rocky was interested in the spiritual crystals.

"Any regular food would never be worthy enough to be compared with the spiritual crystal

s. Even a red spiritual crystal which is the lowest spiritual crystal can upgrade a regular one-star war beast to the top level of the one-star. If it is a spiritual beast that is able to evolve, two red spiritual crystals are enough to upgrade it from the one-star level to the two-star level. The problem is that spiritual crystals are not common. Spiritual crystals are transformed from corpses of the most powerful war beasts, spiritual beasts, or some rare species which means that they can only be found in dangerous places, especially the top three levels of spiritual crystals. They say that only a few people possess them. In Snowy's entire life, it has only eaten one green spiritual crystal. So regular spirit manipulators usually cannot get their hands on any spiritual crystals. Even a single red spiritual crystal should be regarded as a precious treasure by them," Marcia explained.

'Will my Uriah become more powerful if I feed it with one?' An idea occurred in Rocky's head. He considered whether he should ask Marcia to give him two spiritual crystals since he just saved her life. He would gladly accept them even if she gave him the worst ones she had.

But Rocky was so interested in her two-headed dragon that had four wings so he decided to ask her about the dragon first, "What is the star level of your war dragon?"

"War dragon? My Snowy is a five-star spiritual dragon," Marcia snorted.

"A spiritual dragon? Isn't that one of the most rarest dragons? Not to mention that it's a five-star one!' Rocky drooled over the dragon.

"Rarity doesn't mean absence. But I did a lot of work in order to upgrade Snowy to the five-star. It has probably eaten over three hundred red spiritual crystals. It has reached the point where yellow spiritual crystals can no longer upgrade it so they now only serve as its snacks. If I raised it the usual way, it would probably take it dozens of years or even hundreds of years before it reaches five stars. But Snowy is able to reach the five-star status within one decade. It is all thanks to the spiritual crystals. You could see that Snowy has four wings. These wings make it the fastest among all the beasts with the same star level. It gives it a huge advantage in aerial battles. Growing more wings is much more difficult than growing more heads or tails. Only extremely high level spiritual dragons like Snowy could develop them," Marcia said proudly. Snowy grew under her painstaking care.

"Is that so? If I could rebuild their genetic structures, I am sure I could create dragons with six wings," Rocky murmured to himself. He was able to make a bat grow six wings which made the bat can fly faster than the speed of sound.

"What are you saying? I cannot hear you," Marcia asked as she saw Rocky murmuring to himself.

"Nothing. General Gorgeous, do you have any spiritual crystals to spare?" Rocky asked Marcia as he grinned.

"Of course. I still have some yellow spiritual crystals in my Magic Spiritual Space," Marcia answered.

"Would you mind giving me some since I have saved your life?" Rocky asked greedily.

"The yellow spiritual crystals are invaluable. But I guess I can give you one, as long as you tell me where you were able to find the bottle of the miracle liquid," Marcia asked him curiously. Though she had seen various kinds of pills and elixirs, she had to admit that Rocky's miracle liquid was extraordinary. She was very eager to know how Rocky acquired the miracle liquid.

"I've almost forgotten about that if you haven't reminded me of it. Could you return the bottle to me?" Rocky asked as he reached his hand out.

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