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   Chapter 28 The Real Strong Ones (Part Two)

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"It seems like you do know a lot of things. However this is not the Deadly Powder. Instead it is the Poisonous Powder. I knew you were injured by that spiritual beast earlier and the powder you inhaled will exacerbate your wound. Very soon no one will be able to save you." The woman clad in blue wore a victorious smile.

Marcia frowned as she realized that she had walked right into her trap. She was clearly luring her into a fight to attack with the powder.

"Sneaky bitch!" Rocky was also angered by the trick. He found it too despicable.

Marcia grew furious and the Dragon Spirit Mark on her arm expanded as her spiritual power went berserk in the form of shock waves. Rocky found it difficult to withstand those shock waves of spiritual energy. He felt humbled in the presence of such great power.

She was really a powerful one!

In an instant, Marcia cloned herself and there were a couple of more versions of her around. All those versions charged towards the woman in blue. The woman was not afraid and her right arm was shining with bright, green light. The veins around her became thick, like the roots of an ancient tree and they were as hard as rock. One lash and there was a deep crack on the ground. If a human was hit by it, he or she would be crushed.

Very soon Marcia and the other woman were fighting on the ground with periodic bangs of explosions and light shining from their spiritual marks. It was like a storm of sand and ice sweeping the whole place. It was terrifying and awe-inspiring at the same time.

Rocky couldn't even see the figures of those two women. He could only guess their position by the ruins they had left in their path. The ground was caved in and sank in certain places, interspersed with small mushroom clouds here and there and earth-shaking explosions. The battle scene looked like a destructed field.

Rocky could sense that the spiritual energy output from both of them kept on increasing. This made the encounter that was going in until now, look like just a warm-up. The level of spiritual energy was powerful like a tsunami now. It was making Rocky feel suffocated. He found it unbearable.

Moments later, their battle went up a notch. It turned more intense with the ground shaking with further violence as the sun too got covered by the dust, spurred and stirred up by them. The spiritual energy now reached the place where Rocky was standing, causing strong air waves to fill up the space. Rocky was backing down yet he felt a giant rock pressing against his chest which made it difficult for him to breathe.

As the fight kept on getting more intense, a slim figure suddenly shot out of the storm of dust. She backed down a couple of steps. She was shaking and had turned pale with blood coming out of her mouth.

"It looks like that beautiful general has been hurt pretty bad." Rocky saw that the woman was Marcia and he couldn't help worrying about her. However, there was nothing that he could do to help her. Being a rookie spirit manipulator he was of no use to her, while she was hundreds of times stronger than him.

"You just took in my Poisonous Powder, yet you are using your spiritual power with no abstinence. You are as good as dead now." The woman in blue walked out of the storm, perspiring and panting. It was not being an easy fight for her either.

"Just a tiny bit of poison is not going to stop me!" Marcia sneered. Just when she was

about to charge at her again, she fumbled and landed on one of her knees. It appeared that she could no longer endure the wounds she had received.

"Are you still going to try and play tough? Hand it over, or I will take it myself off your dead body. And I can be rough unlike some men around you." The woman clad in blue pressed on.

"Not in this life of yours." Marcia bit her lips.

"You asked for it." The woman in blue waved her right arm. Her spiritual mark shone and a vein in the shape of a whip materialized in her hand. She lashed it towards Marcia.

Within seconds, Marcia's clothes were ripped into pieces, revealing her snow white skin and attractive body.

"Hand it over now!" The woman in blue whipped the air with a sudden movement again and loud lashing sound.

Marcia looked determined while the other woman was losing her patience. She raised her whip again.

Marcia suddenly shot a cold look at her opponent. Someone like her would not just roll over and die. She had accumulated some spiritual power in her body for the final stand. Even if she died after this, she intended to drag the other woman with her.

At that very moment a voice was heard. "What's the fun in a girl fight? Do you care if I join you?" someone said with a frivolous tone.

Both the women were stunned for a second. They had no idea who was talking or what the intention of the owner of that voice was. It still drew their attention and both of them looked in the direction of the voice.

All they saw was a teenager swaggering towards them with the aura which projected his weak spiritual power.

"Who are you? How did you get in here?" the woman dressed in blue asked with shock.

"I do not know about it too! I just walked my way here and happened to see you girls play bondage. Seems quite exciting!" It was no one else but Rocky.

Both the women looked incredulous because a Magic Spiritual Space was not a place for an ordinary spirit manipulator to just walk in. And it was specially not a place for a rookie spirit manipulator. What shocked them the most was that a rookie like him could still be so calm in their presence! Any other spirit manipulator would be extremely scared and escape if he could.

The woman dressed in blue, moved. She showed up in front of Rocky in a flash. She took him by the collar and asked, "Who are you?"

"You are too beautiful to be this rude." Rocky raised his hands, eyeing Marcia while he spoke.

A small beast was running towards Marcia while the woman in blue was not watching in that direction. Marcia was at loss, seeing that little beast coming towards her with a bottle in its mouth. That little beast was Uriah. Inside the bottle, it was carrying its saliva which had healing power.

Marcia looked at Uriah while it kept staring at her with its cute and innocent eyes. She caressed its head gently and turned to look at Rocky. She seemed to have understood what he was trying to do. She took the bottle immediately. A light aroma reached her nose when she opened the bottle.

Without any hesitation, Marcia downed the two drops of its saliva which were in the bottle. The moment those droplets reached her throat, she felt they were like ripples of clear water. It began spreading out to her entire body. Suddenly she felt different, with her heart beat rising, blood running with a new energy. Her spiritual power started circulating at a very high speed.

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