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   Chapter 27 The Real Strong Ones (Part One)

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The two women who had landed from the sky did not even notice the existence of Rocky who was not far away. It was because Rocky's spirit manipulator aura was too weak while theirs was too intense and strong. It completely covered Rocky's aura.

Besides, the two women never expected to find anyone there like Rocky, with such slim strength. Usually only those who were extremely powerful could gain access to the Magic Spiritual Space.

The Magic Spiritual Space was a dimension created by the spiritual power of spiritual manipulators. It was the place where some powerful spirit manipulators farmed their spiritual beasts. The Magic Spiritual Space was created for the purpose of accommodating beasts and it didn't matter if they were war beasts, spiritual beasts or dragons. They would all turn gigantic at some point as they grew up, which would make it difficult for them to be carried along. The Magic Spiritual Space was created for this kind of situation.

Magic Spiritual Space also provided a place for duels between those with great power. It didn't matter what kind of damage was done to the environment inside; it would not affect the outside world in anyway. Thus, it helped to protect the innocent and avoided any collateral damage.

In the Wild Spirit Land, the threshold of power for opening a Magic Spiritual Space was above the Heavenly Stage. The size of the Magic Spiritual Space differed according to the power of those who opened it.

The Magic Spiritual Space where Rocky was currently present looked boundless. This indicated that the spirit manipulator who created it was extremely powerful.

Both the women were fighting against each other ferociously, even their war beasts were attacking each other relentlessly.

"Marcia! Hand over what you took from the treasure chest or you will not make it out of my Magic Spiritual Space alive!" The woman clad in a blue dress suddenly shouted at the other woman who was in purple.

'Treasure chest?' Rocky was excited when he heard those two women. It caught his attention that they were fighting for a treasure chest. He began wondering if he could get a chance to benefit from it.

its way. They took position in front of the woman dressed in blue. It caused an explosion that sent pieces of ice flying everywhere along with an icy air wave. The power of the Fangs of Icy Dragon was off the charts.

Marcia made it in front of the woman clad in blue, under the cover of the explosion. "Dragon Slaying Punch!" She made a fist with her tender hand and immediately it sparkled like an icy ball of light. She then struck it across her opponent's face like a bowling ball.

"If she gets hit in her face, it will be a shame." Rocky was very nervous, rather he was even scared as he watched the fight between the two of them, because he knew that he would not last ten seconds if he had to face either one of them.

The woman dressed in blue was not ready to back down yet. She saw the coming of that punch and crossed the fingers in front of her chest. Suddenly many flowers blossomed out of the vein-looking lines on her right arm. As they were blossoming, a lot of pollen spread out and instantly covered the vicinity of her position.

Marcia stopped dead in her track as she saw the pollen with her face growing solemn. She pulled back from her opponent and landed a few meters away.

"Is this the Deadly Powder of the Wood Clan? I have heard that it is one of the five most lethal poisons of the Wild Spirit Land. One touch and all the flesh will turn mushy. And then, death is imminent." Marcia said, looking concerned.

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