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   Chapter 26 Powerful Strange Women

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6352

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Rocky soon noticed that the woman in purple robes was injured. She had bloodstains on the corners of her mouth. He could not tell if she was alive so he tried to softly pat her on the shoulder.

The woman in purple robes suddenly opened her eyes. She looked at Rocky so coldly that he felt a chill crawl up his spine.

"A-are you alright?" Rocky wanted to talk to the woman in purple robes, but she didn't seem to notice him as she murmured to herself, "I didn't expect her to find me so soon." She then burst out an overwhelming energy with a dazzling light that was so strong that it knocked Rocky down to his knees.

'She is so powerful. Not just powerful, too powerful!' Rocky was caught off guard by the strong power of the beautiful woman in the purple robes. He stood up and looked at her once again, the girl then jumped in the air and flew away in lightning speed.

Rocky was still frozen by astonishment. It took him a few minutes to calm down. He then immediately looked at Uriah and said with a forced smile, "Uriah, I didn't know you would like this kind of woman, an extremely powerful one. Weren't you afraid that she could've killed you? Who on earth was she?"

All of a sudden, Rocky heard rumbles from not too far from them. There was a faint light shining in the woods. It looked like something was about to be torn apart. Rocky hesitated whether he should leave the place immediately in case he was about to get into some trouble. He knew it was something that could put them in danger based on the astonishing power that the woman in purple robes displayed earlier.

As Rocky was getting ready to turn around and return to the city with Uriah in his arms, he suddenly felt an intense heat burning on his left arm. He pulled up his sleeve and saw that his Dragon Spirit Mark was twinkling for unknown reasons.

Meanwhile, he sensed a strong power arising from the di

d high. Though the white one only had two heads, it had two pairs of wings. The four wings were transparent and light like gauze which were different from the dragons wings Rocky had seen before.

This white dragon's speed was much faster than the yellow beast, so the liquid bombs that the yellow beast spouted could not reach it.

Two beams of light from the sky suddenly struck the ground. One was ice blue while the other was bright blue.

The light burst out an amazing blast the moment it hit the ground. The blast caused a small and fierce sandstorm which spread around so fast that Rocky was almost blown into the sky. The light vanished as two figures appeared.

'It's her! The gorgeous woman we just met.' Seeing the two figures, Rocky was surprised as he immediately recognized that one of them was the beautiful woman in purple robes that he had just met in the woods.

Rocky then noticed the other charming figure. She was wearing a huge blue cloak that covered her face. But he assumed that she was as powerful as the woman in purple robes based on the strong momentum she emitted.

He could sense that the two women's powers were definitely much stronger than Alston and Mia's. They could possibly be the top masters on this day and age.

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