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   Chapter 25 Breathtaking

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Rocky had already left the bazaar. On his way, everything he saw drew his attention. Although where he currently lived was not as convenient as it was in the technological time, it was very common to see all kinds of bizarre things on the street. Aside from war beasts being sold, he also witnessed many stall keepers selling so-called magic elixirs to enhance spiritual power while some sold really weird treasures. Of course, Rocky knew that most of them were fake, but he still enjoyed observing the fantastic eye-opening images.

But what intrigued Rocky most was still the selling of the war beasts. Every time he saw a shop that had war beasts for sale, he would immediately enter the shop without hesitating. Although some of the war beasts looked fierce, none of them was in comparison with his Uriah. They were all low star rated ones that could only be raised as pets. Nevertheless, he still had great interest in checking out them.

Because he knew he could still learn a lot by observing them. No matter the species or the abilities they possessed, those war beasts were still widely different from any modern animal. The war beasts in this world served as a brand new research field for him in his animal genetic study. He needed to collect more information on the war beasts as much as possible in preparation for his future research and genetic experiments.

But after observing for a while, he discovered that those war beasts for sale didn't really add much value to his research. The only relevant information he acquired was that war beasts could have endless variations. But it was not enough for his research at all.

As Rocky walked around the shops, he also heard many stories about different war beasts.

In the Wild Spirit Land, spirit manipulators were as many as the stars in the sky. Thus, war beasts were also a very common sight to everyone. But the spiritual beasts, especially dragons, were far more rare and harder to find. Also, most of the spirit manipulators didn't have the capacity to control such spiritual beasts, so going for war beasts was the only logical choice for them. At the same time, merchants liked to smell the marketability of war beasts.

But the war beasts being sold on the streets were useless to most spirit manipulators. They weren't very different to pets in the modern time. If a spirit manipulator wanted the real thing, a professional beast stable would be their best choice. Those beast stables sold and also bought different war beasts. They have beast evaluators that appraised the quality of the war beasts. If you really wanted to make the most out of what you could pay, it was the right place to go. Some better beast stables even sold spiritual beasts and other far rarer spiritual creatures like dragons but only a few people could afford the price.

The most famous beast stable was called the 'Super Beast Farm'. They said that the beast stable had very powerful supporters. It was where you could find all sorts of war beasts you wanted. And Rocky heard that a valuable spiritual beast had just been sold a few days ago.

"I guess the Super Beast Farm is a good place to go for my research," Rocky said to himself.

All of a sudden, Uriah roared and jumped out of his arms. It landed on the ground and turned to glance a

t Rocky as it rolled its eyes. It then rushed away and was gone in a matter of seconds. Rocky could no longer see its figure in the crowd.

"Stop! Uriah!" Rocky yelled in panic. He was afraid that Uriah would lose its way so he tried his best to follow it.

The scene of a human chasing after a beast attracted a lot of the people's attention.

"I shouldn't have brought it out in the first place," Rocky said with regret. He soon found that Uriah was headed for a certain direction instead of just running randomly. After a while, he found himself standing in front of a city gate.

Once Uriah saw the city gate, it grew more excited and rushed out the gate in an instant.

"Is it because of its oestrum? Is that why it's running out of the city... to satisfy itself? Hold on! Is Uriah a girl or a boy?" Rocky was thinking of the possible reasons as he was chasing after Uriah.

The moment Uriah ran out of the city gate and turned towards a grove beside the road, Rocky almost lost it. Fortunately, he noticed the footprints it left on the ground and went into the grove immediately.

After running around in the grove for a while, Rocky found Uriah crouching on the ground beside a bush and looking at something. He slowed down and rolled up his sleeves to catch Uriah. Rocky planned to give Uriah a lecture once he got it back. However, he froze on the spot as he got closer to Uriah.

Uriah was crouching beside a woman, who hunkered down on the ground with her head low. Although Rocky couldn't see clearly what her face looked like, her slender and curvy figure immediately caught his attention. Her purple robe accented her body's curves. Long flowing locks of hair flowed down to her waist. She was wearing a white bow on her hair. He immediately found her charming.

Meanwhile, Rocky also noticed a faint ivory halo sparkling around the woman which made it seem like she was carrying a veil of snowy light. It gave her a holy aura.

Rocky could feel the strong trace of spiritual power from the woman and as he stepped closer, he was immediately overwhelmed by the pressure of her strong power. He guessed that this woman must be a formidable spirit manipulator.

But it seemed like the woman had no idea that Rocky was approaching. She was as still as a statue.

"Could she be dead?" After hesitating for a while, Rocky went forward and patted Uriah's head. However, his head went blank and the only thing he could hear was his heart thumping the moment he saw her face after crouching down.

"She is so beautiful!" Rocky marveled.

He was stunned by her fine delicate features: fair skin, rosy lips, a prominent nose, and long eyelashes that trembled in the breeze. Her face was the greatest masterpiece of God and Nature. She closed her eyes and remained to be quiet and still. It seemed like everything in the world had nothing to do with her. Rocky was wondering what her eyes would look like if they were open.

Neither Lena nor Mia could compare to the beautiful woman right in front of him.

"Hey. Are you alright?" Rocky was not entirely sure how Uriah ran into such a gorgeous woman. But if it wasn't for Uriah, he wouldn't be able to meet her. Rocky almost jumped out of joy and wanted to give Uriah a big kiss just to show his appreciation towards it.

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