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   Chapter 24 The Unexpected Trip To The Bazaar

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After being criticized and punished by Mia, Rocky felt rather depressed. Since his training was suspended, he returned to his room. The moment he entered his room, he saw Uriah, his war beast, in bed kept kicking its left hind limb. All of a sudden, Rocky seemed to understand what Uriah was trying to do. Immediately, he picked up Uriah and helped it remove the strip of cloth and the two twigs that were used to cure the injured hamstring in its left hind limb. As soon as it felt that its hind limb was free, Uriah jumped out of Rocky's arms on to the ground. It landed steadily on the ground with its limbs. There seemed to be no pain anywhere. In an instant, it began to jump back and forth jubilantly. It was evident that its injured hamstring had been completely cured.

"Look at you! How happy you are!" Rocky said with a smile. Seeing Uriah jumping on the ground jubilantly, Rocky felt that his depression was all gone. It was replaced with the joy of seeing Uriah jumping around.

At that very moment, Flint, Rocky's roommate, came in. He saw Uriah jumping with ease. With a slightly startled and puzzled look on his face, Flint asked, "Wasn't your war beast born with a disability? How is it able to move normally now?"

"No, it wasn't born with any disability. It just had a hamstring injury in its limb. Now it has recovered," Rocky replied casually.

"But how did you know it was injured?" Flint was even more puzzled on knowing about Uriah's injury and healing.

"I happen to have gained some knowledge about medicine." Rocky made up a random excuse. The era in which he was living now, there were no professional veterinarians at all, so his war beast was commonly considered as a disabled beast since it was born. Modern medicine was a subject existing only in the era of his previous lifetime. He was lucky that he still had his memory from his previous lifetime. Thus, equipped with some common knowledge about modern medicine, he was able to find out that his war beast was not disabled but just injured.

"That's good! My war beast, Cloud Tiger, seems to have a poor appetite. It seldom eats anything. Can you help me with it?" Flint said, pointing to the tiger in his cage.

"Yes, but on one condition," Rocky said and winked at Flint with a wicked smile.

"What's the condition?" Flint asked at once.

"After your Cloud Tiger is cured, I want to borrow it for study purpose," Rocky told Flint. He had great interest in learning everything about Flint's tiger, so he had to make use of such a good opportunity.

Seeing Rocky's wicked smile, Flint hesitated for a while, but finally nodded in agreement. Other than relying on Rocky, Flint had no other good option now.

Rocky immediately walked near the tiger's cage. He saw Cloud Tiger lying inside in low spirits. Its face was listless. Its body was much fatter than it had been a few days ago, and from time to time it would open its mouth and spurt a bad smell. After the careful observation, he seemed to find out the reason why the tiger was not feeling well. He asked Flint at once, "For how many days have you keep it in the cage?"

"I've been busy training these days. And at nights, I need to have more practice. I had no time to take care of it, so I've been keeping it in the cage from the las

iage along one of the streets, Rocky was dazzled by the many things he saw. He saw carriages, horses, a vast crowd, and the straight, spacious and crisscrossed streets made of ancient stones, rows of ancient buildings extending all the way to the end of the street, and the shops on both sides of the street, which were selling all kinds of stuff.

Soon, Rocky spotted many spirit manipulators carrying their own war beasts. Some of them were even inferior to a one-star war beast. Also, some of the manipulators didn't even reach the first grade of Mortal Stage, but they had the nerve to swagger at the street with a proud look on their faces. Rocky even noticed that when the ordinary crowd saw them, they immediately stepped aside to make way for them. They didn't dare to provoke them.

'Wow! I never expected that spirit manipulators with such low strength could be so arrogant! Then, as a spirit manipulator at the second grade of Mortal Stage, I can be much more arrogant, ' Rocky thought, secretly laughing.

Along the way, Rocky also saw a lot of shops selling various war beasts. Unfortunately, he could not get off the carriage to have a look at them.

Before long, the carriage entered a very lively bazaar, which had a supply all kinds of food and ingredients. The bazaar was full of people.

"Basil, help me hold the horse," Jerry said as he got out of the carriage.

"All right!" Rocky replied energetically. Quickly, he got out of the carriage, took the rein of the horse, and followed Jerry, who began to buy ingredients.

After an hour or so, the carriage which had been empty was now filled with a variety of ingredients.

"Basil, our shopping is almost finished. Now, I just need to go east of the downtown to buy rice and grains, which I can finish on my own. If you want to hang around on the streets and buy something, you can do it now. We'll meet an hour later at the large gate near the moat. Have fun but don't forget our meeting time," Jerry instructed him.

"Thank you so much, Jerry!" Rocky expressed his sincere appreciation. It was a pleasant surprise and his eyes were gleaming with joy. Soon, he left Jerry and began to wander around leisurely.

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