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   Chapter 23 Capable of Being Arrogant

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"Maybe we have made a mistake," some of them said in confusion, scratching their heads at the disappearance of the trace of Rocky's dragon spiritual power.

Bear was surprised to see Rocky knock back the man with a crew-cut, but he still refused to believe that Rocky could have reached the first grade of Mortal Stage. He still saw Rocky as a loser.

"Go! You can hit him harder," Bear said to his other follower, a stout man who had a round face.

The man walked towards Rocky as he was eager to kick Rocky's ass.

The other men murmured among themselves about how hard Rocky would be wounded, because this trainee was at the second grade of Mortal Stage. It was possible that he ranked eighth or even higher among the thirty young men. Rocky would not be as lucky as just now.

'You have mistaken the sleeping tiger for a cat!' Rocky thought as he saw Bear send a man at the second grade of Mortal Stage to fight with him. He could tell his power was a pretty good match to this second adversary. Though he did not want to cause trouble, they would not just leave him alone.

Rocky looked into his eyes, emitting a sharp aura.

He had enhanced his power a lot in the past ten days. He was also more and more skillful at the control of the Dragon Spirit Mark. His previous rapid punch was a testament to this. So he was pretty confident that he could handle this one.

The second man was now close to Rocky. Suddenly, he rushed quickly towards Rocky and reached him in a flash.

'So fast!' Rocky instantly stepped back. The man kicked twice in the air ferociously. In the twinkling light, the dragon spiritual power turned into a wind which rushed towards Rocky like two sharp knives.

Apparently, compared with the trainee who had a crew-cut, this one had mastered the Dragon Spirit Mark much more adeptly. Moreover, he was faster than Rocky because he had the dragon spiritual power of Wind nature.

The man with a round face gained the upper hand in this fight and he suppressed Rocky at once.

Though Rocky swiftly dodged the two kicks, the next moment his right shoulder was almost hit by a formidable punch. He could not withstand the power of the intense attack and stepped back again.

The nature of their dragon spiritual power became the determining factor in this fight as they were at the same grade. Since the nature of Rocky's dragon spiritual power was not shown yet, it was an uphill battle for him.

While Rocky was knocked back again, his opponent launched another sharp wind punch that was so fast and powerful. It made a loud whoosh.

Everyone thought that Rocky would be knocked down by this one.

Realizing he had no time to dodge this attack, Rocky immediately released the dragon spiritual power in the Dragon Spirit Mark. He crossed his hands before his face as the Dragon Spirit Mark emitted multicolored light. In the next moment, the wind punch hit right on the Dragon Spirit Mark on Rocky's arms. The spiritual power suddenly devoured by the light emitted from Rocky's Dragon Spirit Mark.

In a blink of an eye, the wind punch was totally drained of its power.

"What! He blocked the attack!" the other men exclaimed in surprise. No one had expected that he could block that ferocious punch.

Even Rocky himself found it odd that he could block this attack so easily. It reminded him of what had happened the day he saved Uriah from the fire, but he did not notice it as he was hurrying to save his war beast. He suddenly felt that the dragon spiritual power inside his body had increased a little.

"Is there anything special in my dragon spiritual power? Is it related to the Holy Dragon Bead?" Rocky abruptly smiled at the dumbfounded man in front of him as he released the dragon spiritual power in the Dragon Spirit Mark again. He shouted loudly, "Let me show you my power!"

Rocky released the power to show his strength at the second grade of Mortal Stage. The spiritual pow

er turned into a twinkling fist shadow and rushed towards the face of his foe. With a loud pop, two bloody teeth flew out of the stout man's mouth as he was knocked unconscious.

"This is what happens to those who cross me," Rocky said coldly as he looked at the crowd with terrible bloodshot eyes.

Everyone, especially Bear, was shocked to see him release a power at the second grade of Mortal Stage. They wondered how he managed to improve his power from under the first to the second grade in a mere ten days!

His speed of improvement was incredible! After all, even talented people needed several months to improve their power from the first grade to the second grade of Mortal Stage.

"What are you doing!?" A scolding voice rang out. All of them looked back and saw Mia bounding angrily towards them. They scattered in a panicked rush.

Bear slipped away, foreseeing that the situation would be unfavorable to him.

Mia looked at the two boys lying on the ground, soon realizing that one even had passed out. Her face immediately grew stern as she sensed that Rocky had reached the second grade of Mortal Stage. However, she calmed down at once.

"What happened?" Mia asked Rocky, seeing he stood right in front of the boy who had passed out.

"They provoked me first," Rocky answered, crossing his arms. He was still thinking about why his dragon spiritual power could absorb the dragon spiritual power of his second opponent.

"Is that true?" Mia asked the rest of the men who did not have enough time to run away.

They hesitated and looked at each other before they nodded nervously.

"Take them to the infirmary. The rest of you, continue to train," Mia instructed them.

Soon some of them accompanied the two injured boys, leaving Rocky alone with Mia.

"Ma'am, don't stare at me like that. I will think it's malicious," Rocky couldn't help teasing Mia as she looked at him from head to toe.

"When did you reach the second grade of Mortal Stage?" Mia asked gruffly. She finally noticed that Rocky's physique was much stronger than before. It was hard for her to believe that a person who had been weak and had no talent could have such a great improvement in several days.

And what surprised her most was that she even had never sensed his increasing power in these days.

"Well. It was all on account of my hard cultivation. After all, I made a deal with you. I'll do anything to win the bet," Rocky replied in a flirtatious voice. He was confident that he could make these great improvements because of the magical efficacy of the magical saliva.

"Don't be glib. It's a good thing to improve your power, but don't do it through dishonest ways. Many spirit manipulators have gone off the rails because of some bad ideas. None of them came to a good end," Mia warned him. Though Rocky's speed of improvement was quite fast, she did not believe that Rocky could still be so efficient, at least not naturally. After all, the cultivation would become more and more difficult and time-consuming.

"I will bear your words in mind. May I leave now?" Rocky asked as he bowed exaggeratedly.

"Fighting without my permission is forbidden in the dragon field. From tomorrow, you have to work in the kitchen for three days. No training," Mia said to Rocky coldly.

"They hit me first. Why do you only punish me?" Rocky complained as he shot her an indignant look.

"You still fought with them, didn't you? I will punish them as well. Don't tell me how to do my job. Now I will only warn you once. If you do it again, I will kick you out of here," Mia said sternly.

'Humph, one day I will let you know I am not as weak as you think of me, ' Rocky looked at Mia discontentedly before he left.

'Is it because of the Holy Dragon Bead that he can improve his power at such a high speed?' Mia looked at Rocky's receding figure and was perplexed. It was the only possible explanation she could think of.

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