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   Chapter 22 Breakthrough

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Rocky collected his thoughts on his way back to the quarters. He was sure that the healing properties of Uriah's saliva came from the mysterious liquid coming from the bump in its mouth. What was magical about the liquid was that it helped expedite metabolism and regeneration. Cells, organs, and blood could be reformed or refreshed by the liquid, so when Uriah licked Rocky's wounds, its saliva alleviated his pain and cured the lesion like magic.

"That liquid is definitely worth taking an extensive look at," Rocky marveled.

As he rushed back to his room, Rocky saw that the other young men were heading for the dragon field for training. So as soon as he put Uriah in the room, he shut the door and ran to the dragon field as fast as he could. By the time he arrived, they had already started the physical fitness training under Mia's strict instruction. Following her orders, each of them lifted a huge stone up and down simultaneously.

"Sorry, I'm late!" Rocky said to Mia.

Mia turned to glare at him, her brows knitting together, while the others grew excited to see that Rocky was going to be punished again.

"Run twenty laps around the dragon field! Don't cheat or play any trick! A deputy instructor will look at you. Don't forget the lesson you learned yesterday!" Mia yelled with a poker face, and she then ordered a deputy instructor to supervise Rocky.

Rocky nodded and began running around the dragon field. After the new change that took place in his body, he felt it easy to finish the twenty laps and wasn't tired at all. After he finished, he joined the others and began the physical fitness training.

Most of them were out of breath after the whole morning, but Rocky was still full of vigor despite the intense training.

"Did he take some special medicine or something? Why doesn't he feel tired at all?" someone questioned.

"That's so weird! He was as weak as a kitten yesterday, but now..." said another one, gasping for air.

"He must have cheated!"

They shot Rocky suspicious scowls and murmured among themselves. They were all clearly perplexed at Rocky's new demeanor. Rocky soon realized he was being scrutinized. In order to clear the air, he pretended to collapse with exhaustion in the afternoon training.

Late that night, Rocky took Uriah to the pond in the bamboo grove again.

"It's a risky try, but it's worth another shot." What happened to his body had been exquisitely amazing after he swallowed the magic liquid. Rocky desired to experience it one more time.

Although he knew well he was taking a gamble on his life, it could very well prove an effective s

ould tell what Bear had up his sleeve. He would not fall into his trap anyway, so he just ignored Bear and got ready to leave.

Bear was infuriated by this. He nodded and squinted at the man with a crew cut, gesturing for him to make a move.

The man strode forward and put his hand on Rocky's shoulder. Rocky stopped at once. He turned to the man and asked indifferently, "Can I help you?"

The man smirked and activated his Dragon Spirit Mark as Rocky turned his head to him. A dazzling light appeared and he channeled the dragon spiritual power to his fist and threw it at Rocky's face.

The spectators smiled as they witnessed this. They all thought that Rocky was going to be taught a good lesson this time. The man with a crew cut was in the first grade of the Mortal Stage, after all! Of course, they still thought that Rocky hadn't reached this level yet. It was as easy as blinking an eye for the man to beat the living daylights out of Rocky.

But to their surprise, when the man's fist was only an inch close to Rocky's face, a brighter light flashed like lightning.

"Bang!" The man was thrown into the air and smashed away on the ground. He struggled to get up for a while but failed.

Everyone's jaw almost fell to the ground when they saw this picture. Only now did they realize the changes that had taken place with Rocky. The trace of his dragon spiritual power had grown much stronger than before.

"The first grade of the Mortal Stage!? He has reached it!? How is that even possible!?"

"That's no way! I remember he hadn't even reached that level a few days ago! How could he make such huge progress in only a few days?"

To their further surprise, the strong trace of his dragon spiritual power disappeared right away.

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