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   Chapter 21 It Grows Fast

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Flint was genuinely surprised. Basil always looked weird and out of place, but what he said made sense. But Flint stood by his opinion. "My Could Tiger is a powerful war beast, which means it must have a strong body build. Otherwise, its primary function would be suppressed."

"You're right about that. However genes are main factors that control everything. They can determine qualities like power, speed, et cetera. A war beast's genes determine its strengths. That's not just something you can change by adjusting diet. If, however on the other hand, this war beast can change its genes, then it would be something truly magnificent," Rocky explained seriously. His past as an authority in genetic engineering continued to influence his thoughts.

Flint looked more and more surprised as he listened to Rocky talking nonstop about his theory. He could not understand any of the terminology and was thoroughly perplexed.

"What determines a war beast's constitution is not meat; rather, it is the protein inside the meat that does the job. But beasts also need carbohydrates. Based on what I can see of your war beast, I recommend food with high concentration of starch like sweet potatoes. Not only will it reduce the extra fat from taking too much protein and keep it from being overweight, it will also improve its physique." Rocky decided to give him some understandable insights instead of explaining something too jargonistic and abstract, seeing how Flint was having a hard time trying to make sense of what he said.

"You sound like you really know your stuff. Yet you selected a war beast of less than one star," Flint said drily, glancing at the little beast in Rocky's arm. He appeared rather incredulous about the stuff Rocky was spouting.

"Don't underestimate it. Its saliva is special..." Rocky was going to show off the special healing power of his war beast, but he changed his mind and decided to learn more about Flint's war beast instead. "Does your war beast have any special ability like spitting fire or water?"

"Only dragons and some special spiritual beasts can do those. Ordinary war beasts can only use their physical power. There may be some war beasts also gifted with special abilities. Yet it is very rare, unless they are able to evolve spontaneously," explained Flint.

"I see. Do any of the spiritual beasts have saliva secretions that heal wounds?" Rocky asked, trying to seem subtle. He braced himself for the answer.

"Saliva? You're kidding! I have never heard saliva from any spiritual beasts can heal wounds. However I once heard the secretion of a spiritual dragon could heal nearly anything, but they only existed hundreds of years ago. They went into extinction a very long time ago." Flint rolled his eyes at Rocky. This was common knowledge, and yet this peculiar guy apparently had no idea. Flint once again felt very disdainful towards him. Maybe the previous talk about genes was just a bunch of nonsense.

"How can you be so sure about their extinction?" Rocky faked a smile to cover the question in his mind. 'This war beast clearly is not a dragon, and it can't possibly have anything to do with spiritual dragon. However its saliva has the same healing power as that of a spiritual dragon. Could it be a special war beast? If so, I definitely stumbled on something extraordinary!'

"Let me ask you, those war beasts a

d in the first grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill.

With the change of his physical condition, the moving of his spiritual energy was much faster than before. The full circulation of his spiritual power, which normally took an hour, now only took fifteen minutes. Such speed was extraordinary, and Rocky even felt a little scared.

His weak spiritual power was being strengthened with each circulation. Although it was increased not by much with each circulation, given the extraordinary speed of his spiritual energy, it was still improving quickly. More importantly, with the continuing circulation of spiritual energy, the mutation of his body was slowing down.

When Rocky finally regained consciousness, nighttime had passed. He opened his eyes and saw sunlight filtering in through bamboo leaves. He could hear birds chirping and water babbling. Then his memory of last night flooded back to his mind, sending chills running down his spine.

"I thought I was going to die!" Rocky breathed with relief. He turned around and saw Uriah sleeping next to him. The little beast was sound asleep, as if it had no clue that its master had almost died last night.

Rocky thought about it and he believed that the mutation that had happened to him last night definitely had something to do with the droplet from Uriah. The source of the healing power of his saliva might come from this droplet, and his experience last showed him that the droplet was more capable than healing wounds. It could improve the quality of his body greatly.

"Damn! I've been knocked out here all night. Mia will definitely give me a hard time if she catches me." Rocky thought of Mia, and pretty as she was, she turned into a scary spirit in his head. He picked up the still sleeping Uriah and jumped off the rock. The moment his feet touched ground, he was surprised to find that his body was very light.

It was like his entire system had improved significantly in one night. He was no longer weak and ill. In fact, he felt like he had unlimited power in his body. Meanwhile he noticed that his spiritual power, which had been just a spark, had now turned into a ball of fire. Although it was still very small, it had progressed exponentially since the previous night!

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