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   Chapter 19 Magical Effect

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As soon as the Scarlet Flame Dragon laid eyes on the little beast, it roared in a panic and immediately lost control, as if threatened by a formidable enemy. It rushed towards the little beast, preparing another fire attack in its mouth. It seemed much more forceful than before.

Mia's eyes widened in surprise at the sight of this. She tried to calm down the Scarlet Flame Dragon but that was totally unsuccessful.

When Rocky saw that his little beast was in danger, he struggled to stand up and scooped it into his arms in a flash. At this very moment, a furious ball of fire blasted out of the Scarlet Flame Dragon's mouth. The flames engulfed Rocky in a matter of seconds.

"Oh no!" Mia was caught off guard.

The others on the spot were awestruck with amazement to see such a powerful scene as well.

Scorching heat overwhelmed Rocky. He could see nothing but raging flames around him, as if he were in the depths of hell. The conflagration seemed to melt him into ashes. His skin was burned black, and the pain almost killed him.

"Is this the end of me? No, it can't be! I haven't done anything I want yet. How can I die like this? No! No way!" Rocky's eyes lit up, his desire for life bursting out. Simultaneously, the Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm began sparkling. Shining ribbons surged up from the Dragon Spirit Mark and began to spin, forming a forceful vortex. The vortex sucked up the flames in a flash!

The second the vortex absorbed it, a flicker of Rocky's dragon spiritual power broke out and began to grow rapidly and fiercely.

Rocky, however, hadn't noticed the surge of his dragon

re a clinic around here?" Rocky muttered to himself. As he tried to get up, the little beast cried and began licking Rocky's wound.

"Good boy! But your saliva is not medicinal," Rocky laughed, stroking its head. But after a few seconds, he was utterly flabbergasted to discover that his scar had become smaller and the pain had been alleviated.

"Holy moly! What a magical effect! Your saliva is amazing! How did that happen?" Rocky exclaimed, and his science-loving mind aroused. He held up the little beast and began studying it. He then put it down after a while, lost in thought. Rubbing his chin, Rocky murmured, "If only I had the equipment! I would be able to extract your cells and study on your genes."

It seemed that the little beast understood what Rocky said, so it jumped out of Rocky's arms immediately and curled up at the corner of the bed.

"Ha-ha! Don't worry, little guy! I will never dissect you and make you into a specimen," Rocky laughed. A sudden thought occurred to him and he slid over to his little beast, gently flipping it over to check its limbs.

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