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   Chapter 18 No Time To Run

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About two hours later, Mia ordered everyone to gather around.

Rocky returned alone. The moment he saw Mia, he nodded his head and smiled. But Mia couldn't help but roll her eyes.

'She truly is an unpredictable and fickle woman, ' Rocky thought to himself.

"I believe that you should be able to remember the formula of nine grades of the Mysterious Dragon Skill now because this would be your last chance to learn it. I won't be able to teach you how to use it again. You must cultivate the Mysterious Dragon Skill at least two hours a day. Of course, the more time you spend on it, the more spiritual power you will be able to gain. The cultivation of the Mysterious Dragon Skill could greatly help you improve your dragon spiritual power. In particular, those of you who have weaker dragon spiritual power need to work harder than the others. Otherwise, I will weep you out in a month," Mia said as she looked at Rocky.

"And do not forget to always take good care of your war beasts. The war beasts are the spirit manipulator's alternative fighting strength apart from your own dragon spiritual power. In battle, your war beasts can actively fight for you while also protecting you from danger. Additionally, they can also help you resist any sudden attacks from your enemies. If a spirit manipulator can cooperate with their war beast perfectly, their strength will surely improve a lot. Therefore, your war beasts are as important as your own lives. Never look down on them. In particular, some of you might believe that once you have a stronger war beast, war dragon, spiritual beast, or spiritual dragon in the future, you will be able to release the war beast that you possess now which is why you don't feel the need to take good care of them. I shall warn you that having that attitude is some

ties shouted at the young men.

The moment they heard it, they immediately grew nervous and continued running again.

Rocky didn't know how long he had run. He was so exhausted that he was starting to fall over his own feet. But the Scarlet Flame Dragon had no plans on waiting for him. Suddenly, his right arm caught the dragon's flame. At that moment, his right sleeve was singed away in places.

"Oh, shit! I thought you were just kidding. You are serious," Rocky cursed in his mind. Mia didn't show him any mercy. Rocky had to run as fast as his legs could carry.

Rocky panted heavily as he ran slowly. Finally, he fell down on his knees and had to use his hands to support his body.

But the Scarlet Flame Dragon was not going to stop anytime soon.

"Howl! Howl!"

All of a sudden, a tiny figure rushed towards Rocky in an attempt to protect him from the attack of the Scarlet Flame Dragon.

Rocky turned round and saw his war beast. 'Does it want to save my life?'

Mia who was sitting on the back of the Scarlet Flame Dragon only wanted to teach Rocky a lesson. Once she saw Rocky's war beast, she didn't want to cause any more trouble and asked the Scarlet Flame Dragon to stop.

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