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   Chapter 17 Strong Performance (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6942

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"Okay, I will try not to look at you again." Rocky had a few moments ago suffered great pain. He didn't want to experience it again, so he pretended to look away immediately.

Mia also was not in the mood to argue or fight with Rocky. She took a deep breath to calm herself down a little bit and began her lecture: "The so-called spiritual method is a magic method that makes the spiritual power condense in your body and circulate in the meridians of the whole body. Besides, it can release the spiritual power out of your body to produce some effect... To learn the spiritual method, you must guard yourself against arrogance and rashness. It is necessary for you to learn it step-by-step with great patience.

Now I'm going to teach you the basic circulation of spiritual power. You shall first make your spiritual power rise and let the breathing go down to your elixir field."

"Would you please tell me where the elixir field is?" Rocky asked in a weak voice, not wanting to annoy her.

"You don't know that also?" Mia felt that she had put herself into trouble. If she had known about his situation, she would have found someone else to teach this guy.

"I have lost my memory, so I don't remember the most basic common things." Rocky pretended to sigh plaintively.

"You've lost your memory?" Mia was slightly stunned to hear that, but she immediately returned to her normal state and said, "Lower abdomen, navel, and half finger..."

"Navel, half finger..." Rocky gesticulated with his finger near the navel, then he took a deep breath. Suddenly his expressions changed and it appeared as if he was having constipation.

"What are you doing?" Seeing his strange behavior, Mia couldn't help asking.

"You asked me to make my breathing go down to the elixir field, didn't you? Therefore, I am trying to make it go down," Rocky said solemnly.

After hearing his words, Mia couldn't stop herself. At first she felt annoyed, but it also amused her. She took a look at Rocky and hesitated for a moment. She suddenly put her fingers together, and a silv

ldn't understand the contrast in the abilities of Rocky. 'If one masters the circulation of spiritual power in one attempt, he must have extremely high talent and qualifications. However, Rocky was that kind of spirit manipulator who seemed to have no talent, ' Mia thought to herself, and she was in great doubt.

"Is there something wrong with what I just did?" Rocky couldn't stop himself from asking her. He was confused when he saw that Mia had stopped talking, "No, Whatever you did is very general. There is no big problem with that," Mia said against her will.

Later, Mia passed on the formulas of the other eight grades of the Mysterious Dragon Skill to Rocky. This too he remembered at one go.

"You shall continue to practice. When the time comes, come and gather with others." Saying that, Mia turned and walked away.

'Am I too smart to scare her?' Rocky thought to himself. He gave a loud laugh and continued to concentrate on his cultivation. He laughed because he knew that this was the first step that would make him stronger.

At the same moment, Mia, who had walked a few steps away, suddenly turned and looked back at Rocky. She had an odd look as she softly murmured to herself, "This guy is really quite strange. Her Royal Highness asked me to take care of him, but it seems like a difficult task as he seems to know just exactly how to piss me off."

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