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   Chapter 16 Strong Performance (Part One)

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When Rocky came back to his senses, he saw Mia coming towards him in graceful manner. She was like a top model showing off her sex appeal and wildness on the stage, especially when she was walking. Rocky enjoyed her lithe and graceful figure very much.

Unfortunately, happy moments were always short.

A moment later, Mia appeared in front of Rocky with her pretty face but her eyes as cold as ice. She eyed Mia and looked back and forth at him with a strange expression on her face.

"Don't look at me like that, or I'll do something stupid." Rocky looked into Mia's eyes and began to drift off into wild flights of fancy.

"It's strange that even after you have acquired the dragon spiritual power of the Holy Dragon Bead, you still do not show any nature of your power. Although the dragon spiritual power does not show its nature in you, there should be no problem with the Mysterious Dragon Skill that you have cultivated. And after you reach the third grade of cultivation, you may only be able to practice the common spiritual martial arts. But with qualifications like yours, I don't know when you will be able to practice the Mysterious Dragon Skill to the third grade," Mia said. It was obvious that she didn't harbor any expectations from Rocky.

"You don't have to look down upon me so much," When Rocky discovered that he was despised by Mia, he uttered, unwilling to admit his weakness.

"I'm just trying to reach to the truth from the facts before me. You are the weakest among all the royal spirit manipulators I've ever met, probably even the weakest in history," Mia added, clarifying her views about Rocky.

"As long as one sticks to his aim with great perseverance and has a firm will, things will change. Even an iron pestle can be ground into a needle if one makes up his mind. Well, how about we place a bet? If I can practice and reach the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill, promise me that you will take me on a date," Rocky said in a serious tone.

"You are still very young. Why on earth do you have those kinds of thoughts?" Mia seemed a little bit angry upon hearing Rocky's words.

"Oh, come on! I am already more than eighteen years old, and..." Rocky wished to speak out the truth, but he stopped on second thoughts. He was quite hesitant to say that although he was eighteen years old in appearance, he had the mentality of a thirty year old.

"Forget it, I know you'll certainly not dare to place a bet with me." Rocky's eyes became sly, and he deliberately goaded her in a sarcastic tone.

"Do you think, I will not dare to place a bet with you?" Mia snorted coldly and glared at him. She hesitated for a moment, and then seemed to make up her mind. She stared at him seriously with her beautiful eyes and said, "Well, I'll place the bet with you. You shall have to achieve that goal within three months. If you can't reach that goal, you will take all your belongings with you and leave this place immediately."

"It's a deal." Rocky thought it would not be so difficult for him to practice and reach the third grade of the Mysterious Dragon Skill within three months.

"Do you really want to place a bet with me?" Mia truly wanted him to move back from difficulties, because theoretically, if a person wanted to practice the Mysterious Dragon Skill to reach the third grade, the fastest record so far was of six months. If the practitioner's qualification was

lesser, it would definitely take him at least one year. With that kind of qualification, she was afraid Rocky would not be able to reach that goal even after two or three years of cultivation.

"Absolutely!" Rocky nodded his head with a confident look prevailing on his face.

Looking at Rocky's surging confidence, Mia couldn't help wondering how that guy could have so much self-confidence. Maybe he was just a fool.

"You just wanted to tell this after calling me over? If you have nothing else to say, I will return to my team." After Rocky finished saying that, he decided to turn around and rejoin the team.

"Wait..." Mia, who brought back her thoughts to the present situation at hand, immediately stopped him and said, "I heard that you have not received any training before, so I will guide you alone first, lest you hold others back."

"Why are you being so kind to me?" This time it was Rocky's turn to feel that something was strange. 'I remember that she used to be tough on me. Why has she suddenly become so kind to me and wants to instruct me alone? Has my charm suddenly increased?' he thought to himself.

"Whatever! As long as you, a great beauty, is willing to teach me, I will learn wholeheartedly. It doesn't matter what you teach me. What matters is that we should be able to communicate easily and efficiently!" Rocky immediately seized the opportunity to demonstrate his ability to chase after girls in the modern world. He moved into a quick stylish pose, pretending to look mature.

"You called me a great beauty, didn't you?" Mia's eyebrows twitched faintly in curiosity.

"I intend to call you Mia, but I think it might be a little too abrupt," said Rocky with an embarrassed face.

"Do you think so?" Mia sneered, and the whip in her hand suddenly flew out and in an instant it wrapped around Rocky's waist. She flung him directly into the air and suddenly took back the whip, without any hesitation or mercy.

"Ah!" With a scream, Rocky fell to the ground from mid-air and was seriously injured.

'The Bodhisattva suddenly turned back into a tigress. It is true that a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets, ' Rocky thought to himself.

"I warn you that if you talk irresponsibly towards me again next time, I'll whip you till your skin cuts open and the flesh is torn. Is that clear?" Mia walked up to Rocky and warned him coldly.

"Yes. I will remember your warning." Rocky, who was badly beaten by Mia, got up from the ground. He looked to be in extreme pain. 'This woman is too mean. Is she having her period today? She is too moody. Well, since I am a great man who rarely stoops to pettiness or harbors grievance for past wrongs, today I will not get into a fight with her, ' Rocky thought to himself.

Mia glared at Rocky and said, "First you have to sit cross-legged. I'll teach you the first-grade formula of the Mysterious Dragon Skill." As she spoke, she quickly sat down cross-legged.

Following her action, Rocky too sat down, face to face with Mia.

"If you look at me with dirty thoughts again, don't blame me for gauging your eyes out!" When Mia saw Rocky staring at her in a strange way, her eyes suddenly became as cold as ice.

"You can't blame me for that," Rocky said, looking very innocent.

"You..." Seeing that Rocky was still trying to justify his shameless behavior, Mia became so angry that she was about to wave her whip again.

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