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   Chapter 15 Burning Power

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"Now I need to check the stage and the nature of your dragon spiritual power, then I will assign some officers to teach you the basic spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan—the Mysterious Dragon Skill.

Even though the Mysterious Dragon Skill is the most basic spiritual method, every royal spirit manipulator has to cultivate it. If you cannot master the basic spiritual method, you will certainly not able to cultivate the spiritual method at higher levels. This is especially important for royal spirit manipulators. You all know by now that the Mysterious Dragon Skill has nine grades. After you reach the third grade, you can cultivate the spiritual martial arts according to your own nature of the dragon spiritual power. The spiritual martial arts are the skills which you can use to attack or defend in a fight.

Once your spiritual power becomes stronger, your martial arts will improve as well. You can even kill an enemy in a second, granted you are powerful enough. That is because they are founded on your own spiritual power. With your current status, you'd still be unable to break a small stone. Now, let's get to it!" Mia finished her sentence with a brisk clap.

Six figures appeared next to her in a blink of an eye.

They were men and women who were almost thirty years old. They all emitted strong momentums, as their levels were between the Earthly Stage and the Heavenly Stage.

"Yes ma'am," the six of them said in chorus.

They were the six officers who worked for Mia.

Mia gave them a signal. A female officer came up to her holding a dark palm-sized stone.

"This is the spiritual power detecting stone. It can test the stage and the nature of your dragon spiritual power. You only need to put your hands on it and release your power in the Dragon Spirit Mark on your arms. Come up when I call your name," Mia said as she took out the list she had received by carrier pigeon earlier in the day.

"Tom Ma!"

"Yes," the young man raised his hand and walked up to her. He put his left hand on the spiritual power detecting stone and closed his eyes to concentrate. The Dragon Spirit Mark showed up on his left arm.

The stone detected the dragon spiritual power, rapidly emitting a red light.

"The second grade of Mortal Stage, Fire." Mia proclaimed, her experienced eyes spotting the indicators at once.

The dragon spiritual power had five kinds of nature: Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Ice. Each one had its own features and advantages and the five natures restrained each other. The power of the nature depended on the power of the spirit manipulator; there were no weak natures or strong natures. Besides, if the spirit manipulator cultivated the high-leveled spiritual martial arts, he could also enhance the power of his nature.

"Next. Frank Chen!"

Another young man walked up to her and released the dragon spiritual power to the spiritual power detecting stone.

"The first grade of Mortal Stage, Wind."

"Flint Ji!"

"The third grade of Mortal Stage, Ice!" Mia glanced at him after saying his stage. This one was handsome and looked more composed than the other trainees his age.

"You are from the Ji Clan?" Mia asked without thinking.

Flint hesitated for a second, then he slightly nodded before walking back to the line.

'His name is Flint Ji...' Rocky had recognized that he was the arrogant man who bumped against him when he was entering the room.

'Mia seems to be interested in him. Does she like this type of man? But why him? He isn't as good looking as me," Rocky thought to himself as he touched his chin.

The process went on.

Rocky felt so bored that he nearly fell asleep as he dully watched at the series of detections.

"Basil Long," Mia called him coldly.

Rocky stood still because he did not realize she was talking to him.

The other men all looked at Rocky and laughed at him. They knew that something unfortunate was about to take place.

"Basil Long!" Seeing Rocky did not answer her, Mia called his name again. At the same time, she swung her whip violently, then a sharp wind shot towards Rocky.

Rocky felt as though he had been hit by a bullet in the chest. It was so painful that he snapped back to reality at once. He rubbed his chest as he heard Mia repeat, "Basil Long."

"Basil Long? Oh, it's me," Rocky realized. He really had to get used to his new name! He slowly walked up to Mia.

"Hurry up," Mia shouted angrily at his sluggishness.

'Don't be so impatient. I am scared! Why does such a beauty act like a tiger?' Rocky thought to himself as he looked at Mia. He put his hand on the spiritual power detecting stone and tried to release the dragon spiritual power in his left arm.

But the Dragon Spirit Mark did not show up.

The other twenty nine trainees all looked at him with scorn.

"No wonder he is the 'Prince Loser'!" someone shouted loudly.

Then they all laughed.

"Try harder. Concentrate on sensing the dragon spiritual power in your left arm." Mia was confused as well. The royal spirit manipulators were different from the regular spirit manipulators. As long as they bonded with the Dragon Spirit Bead and gotten the dragon spiritual power, they could easily release the power even if they had not learnt the spiritual method. Releasing the power would be an

instinct as involuntary as eating or drinking!

So it was definitely not normal that Rocky could not release the dragon spiritual power.

However, Mia considered something else. Compared to the rest of them, who had received specialized training at home, Basil had never gone through anything like this. So he might have not adapted to the power he just attained.

Rocky glanced at Mia, taking a deep breath. He gulped nervously, growing determined about the detecting. He concentrated on sensing the dragon spiritual power in his left arm per Mia's instructions.

Soon, a faint Dragon Spirit Mark showed up on his left arm. It was such a relief!

What surprised him was that the spiritual power detecting stone emitted an extremely dim light as it sensed Rocky's dragon spiritual power. What was more, the light was gray which represented none of the five natures.

Mia was also surprised by this scene, because it was the first time that she saw a dragon spiritual power with no nature. It was common for regular spirit manipulators because most regular spirit manipulators' power did not have natures. However, it was extremely strange that the dragon spiritual power of a royal spirit manipulator did not have a nature. It was especially strange because the bead Rocky had bonded with was the Holy Dragon Bead.

When the other young men saw his power have no nature, louder laughs came from the line-up.

"He is truly a loser. Ha-ha, he got the dragon spiritual power, so what? His power even doesn't have a nature!"

"I am so confused. How does such a loser succeed in bonding with the Holy Dragon Bead!"

"Well, the universe certainly has a good sense of humor. Ha ha ha!"

Hearing the mockery, Rocky was so angry that he clenched his fists.

"Just give up. Aren't you ashamed?"

"You are just a loser. Give up! You will never make it."

"I'd rather die if you I were you! Then the Royal family won't have to be ashamed."

Rocky frowned as a fierce fire of the anger burned inside his body, then he suddenly felt an intense heat on his left arm. He unconsciously clutched the spiritual power detecting stone.

The Dragon Spirit Mark on his left arm still did not change, but the feeling of burning grew more and more intense.

"Ah!" Rocky roared as he could not withstand that great pain anymore.

Heard Rocky roar, everyone looked at him, puzzled.

All of a sudden, the dark cloud gathered in the sky with lightning and thunder and the wild wind blew the dust into the air.

No one knew what was happening.


As loud thunder rang out, a shadow of a dragon appeared in the dark clouds. It suddenly burned and rushed towards the ground from the thick cloud, cracking like a huge lightning bolt.

With a deafening bang, it carved a big hole near them, emitting a lot of smoke.

Everyone including Mia was all surprised by the lightning.

"What strange weather," Mia murmured, looking at Rocky who had roared just now.

Rocky was now at ease since the burning heat had disappeared after he roared.

"Loser, you won't become powerful just by roaring," someone sneered at Rocky.

Rocky turned around and saw a muscular guy looking at him with a sneer. Rocky remembered that he was from the Ximen Clan, so he came up to him and said, " I dare you to say that again."

Though that guy was a head taller than Rocky was and he looked much stronger than Rocky, Rocky looked him in the eye without a sign of weakness.

"I said you are..." Seeing Rocky was so arrogant, that guy retorted immediately, but Mia interrupted his words, "Do the two of you want to be punished?" That guy shut his mouth at once.

Rocky was staring at him angrily, but as Mia looked at him coldly, he stopped his stare and smiled at Mia before he went back to the line.

The man from the Ximen Clan stared at Rocky, dragging his finger across his throat.

Rocky sneered and gave him the finger.

The man's face flushed with anger.

"That's all. Now you should all know the grade and the nature of your power," Mia said as she glanced around at the young men.

"Yes, Ma'am," they answered in chorus.

"Alright. If anyone makes no progress in one month, I have the right to kick you out without prior notice. I don't want to hear any excuses. Do you understand?" Mia said seriously.

"Yes, Ma'am," they all responded nervously. They could all tell she was not the kind to joke.

"Now, every team will have one officer to teach you the pithy formula of nine grades of the Mysterious Dragon Skill. You only have two hours to memorize the nine formulas. Come back here after two hours. Basil, stay here," she commanded.

The officers immediately led their teams to different parts of the field and began to teach them the formulas of the Mysterious Dragon Skill.

Mia looked at Rocky as she pointed to one side of the field and said, "Go there and wait."

"Alright," Rocky replied as he wondered if Mia wanted to play tricks on him. Then he walked towards the side of the field.

Rocky seemed to suddenly remember something as he reached the spot where she pointed. He looked at his left hand and muttered, "What was that strange feeling? It felt like I want to fart but I couldn't. But after I roared, it was so relieving, although I didn't feel anything special..."

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