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   Chapter 14 The Unfathomable Prince And His War Beast

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Of course, Rocky was not alone in his behavior. The other twenty-nine young men looked as though they had seen some kind of rare treasure as well. The sight of such a gorgeous woman had sent them reeling, but there was also a look of fear on their faces. Apparently, they all knew her identity. Although she was extremely stunning, she also looked very mighty and serious. Almost no men dared to stare at her for a long time, for fear of bearing the consequences of offending her.

The only exception was Rocky. He was still looking at the woman with great interest, his eyes wantonly scanning her figure.

By this time, she already reached him. Knotting her long, slender eyebrows, she glared at him accusingly. "Why did you dilly-dally just now? Didn't you hear my order?" she yelled intimidatingly. The other men flinched.

"Did I dilly-dally just now?" Rocky responded stubbornly, boldly looking right into her eyes. He had no idea who she was and didn't fear her at all.

As she grew closer to him, he felt her exude a very strong spiritual power as if it were to wrap him from all directions.

"Just have a look at your teammates," the woman said as she pointed at other young men behind him.

Rocky then realized that he was the only one that lagged behind. Behind him, the other twenty-nine young men and their own war beasts had all lined up orderly and stood solemnly like well-trained soldiers.

"Master Mia, there is no need to be exasperated about him. Unlike the other well-trained young men, he was a little prince who was accustomed to an extravagant life. He never received any training or had to work hard for anything. Although he has now been demoted to a civilian, he seems to think that he is still a little prince. So, he is lazy and slow and always disregards law and authority. In the future, I hope that he will receive more rigorous training," Priest Dean said as he walked down from the carriage.

"I've received the message from a carrier pigeon. According to the message, I presume he is Basil, the prince who has fused with the Holy Dragon Bead?" The woman immediately steered her attention to Rocky with a look of surprise. Yet, immediately after, she regained her composure.

"You're right! It's him." Priest Dean nodded.

"Then why is his spiritual power so weak, almost like he doesn't have any to speak of?" The woman was puzzled.

"That just goes without saying. There are always some lucky good-for-nothings in the world." Priest Dean looked at Rocky with a sneer on his face. He was obviously implying that Rocky was worthless.

"Is this your war beast?" The woman glanced at the little beast in Rocky's arms and frowned slightly.

"Yes, is there any problem?" Rocky raised the little beast and shook it gently in front of the woman.

"Why did you choose such a good-for-nothing war beast? It doesn't even have the potential to be even a first-star war beast," the woman asked bluntly.

"Hey, how do you know it's a good-for-nothing? Although my beast looks normal, its real power should never be underestimated! I thought you were different from other people. But apparently, I was wrong," Rocky said in a disappointed voice. Immediately, his good impression of the woman reduced.

"You…" the woman snapped abruptly. Hearing Rocky's disapproving and disrespectful words, she was both offended and inexplicably ashamed.

At that particular moment, the little beast roared twice, turned its head from Rocky's arms, and looked at the woman with its two innocent eyes.

The woman immediately found something special about the little creature. She had to begrudgingly admit to herself that Rocky was right. His beast's power should never be underestimated. Her eyes became bright and flickered a flash of joy, which, however, soon vanished and replaced by her usual look.

"What about me?" Rocky asked, looking at the woman.

"Get in line first," she replied strictly. The woman narrowed her eyes and waved to Rocky to join his teammates. Then, she walked over to Priest Dean.

Greatly irritated by Priest Dean's spiteful words, Rocky glared coldly at him and cursed all his ancestors in his head. After that, he swaggered into the queue of 29 young men and found a place to stand.

The woman and Priest Dean stepped aside and wh

ispered, casting a glance at Rocky from time to time.

Realizing the woman was paying attention to him, Rocky was pretty happy. His mind began to race fast. 'Maybe, she has a secret crush on me? Ha-ha, my charm is really extraordinary. If I can sleep with her, it will definitely be a kind of enjoyment that only a king can experience. It would be amazing if I got the chance to touch her ample body...'

Just as Rocky was lost in his wild, boyish fantasy, Priest Dean had left in his carriage. The woman returned to the front of the queue, and then saw Rocky was standing there with a lewd smile. Her eyes grew cold and sharp, while the long whip in her hand released like a snake darting out of its cave. The whip directly tangled with Rocky's right foot.

At that very moment, Rocky was still lost in his thought. He had no time to react. All of sudden, his right foot was yanked hard! Before he could do anything, he fell to the ground with his legs in the air.

At the sight of this spectacle, the young men around him all burst out roars of laughter.

"Son of a bitch..." Rocky swore and grimaced when he got up from the ground. Just as he was about to hurl all kinds of expletives against the one who had done this, he sensed a cold glance with strong killing intent was shooting towards him. At once, he couldn't help but feel a cold chill coursed through his body. Feeling that the cold glance was from the woman, Rocky fell silent. Then, he heard the woman's voice resound abruptly.

"My name is Mia Lan. From today on, I am your coach and I will be responsible for guiding and training you to become a real royal spirit manipulator. If you're thinking that once after you have integrated the Dragon Spirit Bead into your body and get the dragon spiritual power, you have automatically become a royal spirit manipulator; then, you are completely wrong. You must all assume that you are quite impressive as a matter of course, but to me, you are nothing but rookies, as weak as those ordinary spirit manipulators. If you want to be a real royal spirit manipulator, you all must pass the strict trials. And before these trials, you will receive the most rigorous training. In the process, you will feel pain and suffering like you've never experienced. Whether you were born a duke or an aristocrat, or even a member of the royal family, I'll treat you equally. If you have merit, you will be rewarded, and if you make mistakes, you will be punished. I will never be merciful to any of you during your training. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, Master Mia," chorused the twenty-nine young men. Rocky said nothing. He was simply staring at Mia as he was still in a bad mood.

"Very good! Now you need to take your war beast to the building at the end of the dragon field, where you will be staying. Two of you will be sharing a room. Your name has been written on the sign board hung outside the room. After settling down your war beasts, you need to change your training clothes and come back here. You have fifteen minutes to do this. Anyone who fails to come back here within fifteen minutes will have to run around the dragon field for ten laps. Time starts now!" Mia bellowed.

In a flash, the twenty-nine young men rushed madly to their accommodation place with their respective war beasts. They had to hurry, because they estimated that it would take them at least fifteen minutes to travel back and forth between their accommodations and the training place. They would have little time to settle down their own beast or change clothes.

'You are a group of idiots! The fifteen minutes are obviously not enough, no matter how fast you run! This woman is clearly giving us a head-on blow on the first day of our training, ' Rocky thought to himself, laughing at the young men who desperately ran to their accommodation building.

"Why aren't you running?" Mia glared at Rocky as soon as she saw him standing where he was.

"I'll just walk there. Either way, I will be punished," Rocky said directly. He intended to irritate Mia, so he deliberately swaggered over towards the accommodation building, holding his little war beast.

"He is such a brat!" Mia murmured silently. Looking at Rocky's back, she suddenly showed a smile. It was not every day that a rookie entertained her this much.

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