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   Chapter 10 I Will Challenge You

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"Your Majesty, please rescind the order! Basil is your..." Lena's voice trailed off. Her face grew solemn.

"I have made up my mind. You don't have to speak for him. From now on, Basil is no longer a prince of the Holy Dragon Empire," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire said flatly.

"Don't worry. Father, it's a wise decision," Alston said with a cold smile as he walked up to him and glared at Rocky disdainfully.

Alston was the handsome prince who had stared at him with contempt. Rocky could tell right away that Basil's brother was not a good person. Elegance and handsomeness didn't guarantee a good heart.

'This emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire is so cruel! No matter what, Basil is his son! How could he deny his identity as a prince so easily?' Rocky thought to himself. Basil—or rather, he—was no longer a prince now, so it meant his extravagant lifestyle would come to an end. If he knew he would have ended up like this, he would never have touched the Holy Dragon Bead.

It was always happiness that came before a fall.

Priest Dean was also surprised by the emperor's decision, but he thought it was reasonable. He looked at Basil coldly with a disdainful smile. He seemed to want him to get out of the country as soon as possible.

"But Basil has bonded with the Holy Dragon Bead. He has attained the dragon spiritual power and becomes a spirit manipulator. Now he is the royal spirit manipulator who can manipulate dragons. So according to the law of the Holy Dragon Empire, he has to be trained and learn the spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan with other royal spirit manipulators," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire announced another shocking truth.

Everyone exclaimed in astonishment again. Of course, they knew that 'royal spirit manipulator' was a mere title. The best advantage for becoming a royal spirit manipulator was having the opportunity to learn the spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan, which was far superior to the regular spiritual method. For instance, when a spirit manipulator used the two spiritual methods at the same grade, the spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan was much powerful than the regular one.

Therefore, every spirit manipulator hoped that they could learn the spiritual method of the Dragon Master Clan, but according to the law of the Holy Dragon Empire, only a royal spirit manipulator could learn it.

So for Basil, who had failed consistently in becoming a regular spirit manipulator, this was a tremendous deal!

"Your Majesty, he..." Priest Dean did not expect that the emperor would acknowledge Basil's new status as a royal spirit manipulator. He had expected the emperor should take away his identity as a spirit manipulator and seal his dragon spiritual power forever. To him, it made little sense that the emperor only took away Basil's identity as a prince!

Lena was also confused and did not understand why the emperor chose to do this. But she was glad to know Rocky could at least learn the royal spiritual method and get training. Things could be worse.

"Well, that's the end of the ritual. Priest Dean, take them to the beast farm and ask them to pick their own war beasts first, then take them to the dragon field and let them undergo the most strict training. Witch Lena, come with me," the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire solemnly said to the Priest Dean. He and Lena then began to walk away, accompanied by a group of imperial guards.

Lena nodded at Rocky, her eyes filled with encouragement. Soon, she was gone, following the emperor.

Rocky smiled as he looked at Lena's receding figure. From the first moment that he woke up in this world, she had always cared about him. Compared with everyone else, this beautiful girl was as virtuous as an angel.

"That's it. I must make her my girlfriend, and..." Rocky was indulging in his imagination.

He soon noticed a group of people coming up to him.

Leading the group was Basil's brother, Crown Prince Alston, accompanied by some othe

r princes.

"Basil, you are no longer a prince. Bear in mind not to tell others that you are one of the Royals. You are a disgrace to our name."

"What can you do even though you have bonded with the Holy Dragon Bead? You are still so weak that any spirit manipulator can easily kill you!"

"You don't deserve to be my brother!"

Though Alston did not say anything, the other princes began to insult him coldly. Certainly, the real Basil would have been extremely hurt by this. They began crowding around him.

Even the most patient person could not bear such humiliating insults. Though Rocky was not the real Basil that they were insulting, he was still angry with their mean words, so he immediately retorted, "Humph! You're just jealous of me. I have bonded with the holy treasure of the Holy Dragon Empire, and you haven't!"

"What did you say? We're jealous of you!? How ridiculous! No one will ever be jealous of you, imbecile! You're just a loser!"

"I'm a loser? Funny, as princes, what else can you do besides bullying others? Tell you what, I don't want to be a prince. I don't want to be anything like you pathetic people! One day, I will take back what's mine," Rocky said arrogantly.

Those princes seemed to be surprised by his confidence. For a second, no one could say a word. They had no idea that the person in front of them was no longer Basil, who was once so weak and timid that he could not even speak loudly.

All of a sudden, Rocky saw a shadow before him. He looked up and saw that Alston had come up to him. A full head taller, he grasped Rocky's collar and hissed, "You are still nothing even you have bonded with the Holy Dragon Bead. You are just a loser. Get back what's rightfully yours? Ridiculous! You don't belong here, bastard!"

"Who do you think you are, asshole?" Rocky instantly retorted. He hated people like this, who were unnecessarily unkind and spiteful.

"What!?" Alston did not expect his brother to respond like this at all! He was so angry that he immediately burst out a strong dragon spiritual power.

Instantaneously, Rocky felt Alston's power surround him like a net that pressed him so forcefully. It was quite suffocating. Though he was not afraid of Alston, he trembled unconsciously. After all, Alston was much powerful, creating fear and panic.

At this moment, the prospect of death didn't seem impossible.

The conflict of Alston and Rocky drew the attention of the royal members and aristocrats. They surrounded them and talked about them.

"Your Highness." Suddenly, an old voice rose up. It was like a life-saving straw to Rocky.

It was Priest Dean who had stood aside all the time. But he did not say anything else to stop Alston. He just looked at them coldly.

Hearing Priest Dean's voice, Alston calmed down. He retrieved his power and shoved Rocky away as he stared at him with fury and hatred spewing out of his gaze. Rocky fell on the ground, out of breath. He looked terribly embarrassed.

Everyone around him all laughed at him loudly.

Rocky clenched his fists so tightly that his fingernails dug into his palms. But the pain could not compare with his fierce anger.

The fear and panic he had felt coursing through his system was shame.

Though it was a conditioned reflex, it made him realize that Alston was stronger than he thought. Alston could kill him without any effort, like crushing an ant.

"If you cross me again, I will kill you," Alston said coldly as he arrogantly pointed to Rocky.

Rocky stood up and laughed loudly as he looked at Alston with sharp eyes. The crowd and all the princes were dumbfounded by his laughter. They were all wondering if Basil was out of his mind. It was strange that he laughed after what had happened. He had almost been killed, after all!

"Let's wait and see. One day, I will be stronger than you." Rocky also pointed to Alston. His energy made his weak figure look larger than it was.

Everyone was shocked by his words.

That was absolutely a challenge.

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