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   Chapter 7 Grand Dragon Hall

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'I must say that this is very good! This young boy looks a little weak, but otherwise, I'd say he looks extremely attractive with bright eyes and graceful eyebrows!' When Rocky looked in the mirror he couldn't believe his eyes. He spent a lot of time studying his reflection from different angles. He was very satisfied with his new look.

"Prince Basil, it is time to go!" the maid's voice reminded him from behind.

"Okay. Please lead the way," Rocky turned around and said in a confident tone.

The maids were utterly surprised. After all, Basil had always been a cowardly and timid boy in the past. He usually only spoke to others in a low voice and kept his head down when walking anywhere. But now, he seemed very different. It was as though he had changed into another man with an altogether different personality who merely resembled his former self.

Rocky, surrounded by a few maids, exited of his room. As they walked along the meandering steps of the tower, they saw a wide and flat street. There were all kinds of magnificent buildings on both sides of it. A great number of armor-clad guards were on patrol. It seemed that they were on the alert.

Occasionally, people passed them in luxurious carriages that were surrounded by some guards. They all pulled back the curtains to laugh at him.

Rocky knew why they burst out laughing, but just pretended that he had not seen that. When he stared back at them with a calm expression on his face, the passengers hastily pulled down their curtains and sped up.

'Humph, you will regret what you have done in the future, ' Rocky just smiled coldly and watched them depart quickly.

Not long after, the maids led Rocky into a spacious building with a triangular roof. After they entered a grand crimson door, they were met with the sight of a resplendent and magnificent hall. The design of this hall was very unique. At the very front was a staircase, which had ten steps leading to a round platform at the top. Rocky didn't know what it was for, exactly. But right above it was an elegant skylight. In the center was a pillar about a meter high. A golden bead was shining with a dim light at its very tip.

That bead had been the national treasure of the Holy Dragon Empire for hundreds of years. It was the highest symbol of the empire. According to the royal family tree, it represented endless power. But unfortunately, no one had been able to bond with this mysterious bead until now.

'Grand Dragon Hall!' Rocky spotted the horizontal board above his head, on which the venue's prestigious name was inscribed.

By now, a great number of people had arrived at the hall. Royal members and nobles arrived in all their finery. They were walking in the crowd, talking with each other. Rocky could tell that a lot of it was cursory flattery.

Many people paid attention to Rocky right when he walked into the hall. They shot disdainful looks at Rocky as they talked amongst themselves or laughed at Rocky together.

'Everyone looks down on Basil, ' Rocky thought as he shook his head slightly. But he didn't mind their laughter. Things would be different soon.

There was a sumptuous spread of delicious food in the Grand Dragon Hall. Rocky hadn't eaten since the day before, and his mouth began to water. He took some food to the corner and found a table. He was eating with his legs crossed as he looked around the Gra

nd Dragon Hall in search of something interesting.

'The women in this world are really beautiful! Their figures are so divine. I don't know whether it is natural or not. Even if Shirley used the material to shape her body, she would still look like a boy. Ha-ha!' Rocky was watching those pretty girls with rapt attention, and he couldn't stop laughing.

What a coincidence! Just as Rocky was laughing, he saw Shirley coming in the Grand Dragon Hall.

Shirley still looked like a handsome boy. But she had applied some elegant make-up, making her delicate face more attractive. If she lived in modern society, she would definitely be a star or model because the androgynous look was contemporary and chic. If Rocky could bring Shirley back with him, he knew her look would be an instant hit.

When Shirley turned up, many young princes and nobles went to see her, like moths to a flame.

'I don't realize that Shirley is so popular. If she wore beautiful dresses, she would also be a beauty. Her only disadvantage is her flat chest. But she likes wearing men's clothing. What a pity!' Rocky said to himself when he saw that.

At that time, a calm voice echoed throughout the Grand Dragon Hall. "The emperor is coming!"

Everyone turned their eyes to the entrance of the Grand Dragon Hall. Rocky also paid attention to it, seeing a group of people walked slowly into the Grand Dragon Hall. Some of them were extremely attractive. There was an extremely handsome man about fifty years old. He had a strong forehead, an intense look, and a regal brow. He wore a gold, voluminous gown and a gold crown, just like a dragon. It seemed that he had the highest power in this country and could conquer everything he wanted. Of course, everyone had focused on him and bowed their heads with respect.

From his air of dignity, Rocky could surmise that he was the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire and Basil's father.

Behind him followed some people, including Lena and Priest Dean. Rocky realized just how high Lena's position was in the Holy Dragon Empire.

There were also some men in their twenties who wore ornate gowns with dragon patterns, just like Rocky's garment. They looked like royalty. After they arrived, the noble girls all looked at them with admiration.

'It seems that they are princes, just like me, ' Rocky thought. Meanwhile, he noticed that a handsome man was between Lena and Priest Dean. His eyebrows were as defined as a sword and his eyes were as sharp as a hawk's. His qualities defined him from the other princes, as he carried a certain air about him.

At last, thirty young boys arrived in the Grand Dragon Hall. Though they were just fifteen or sixteen years old, they were much stronger than their peers and were on par with the adults. They were arrogant and looked down on others.

The emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire took the lead of the team. Slowly, they strode ceremoniously through the crowd. They didn't stop until they arrived in front of the Grand Dragon Hall. The thirty young men quickly took their places on both sides of the hall, and the rest of the people retreated. Only the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, Lena, Priest Dean, and the outstandingly handsome man stood together, facing all the people inside the hall.

Rocky was standing in the corner. All of a sudden, he noticed that the handsome man was looking at him with disdain.

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