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   Chapter 4 Revelation

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Rocky thought that he would definitely die if he was hit by this strange drill. However, he couldn't control his body as he had just been thrown to a wall. He could barely move his feet, let along dodge this attack. Rocky could only watch the light coming straight at him, completely unable to move a finger to stop it.

The light was coming in fast yet to Rocky it felt like a lifetime. He closed his eyes in despair, ready to embrace his death.

At that very instant, a golden light shot from the side and expanded in front of Rocky like a firework. It then turned into a light shield that deflected the fast-coming spiraling vortex attack.

Boom! The spiraling vortex hit somewhere nearby Rocky after being deflected and blew a giant hole in the solid stone wall, sending debris flying everywhere.

"Holy shit! If I had been hit by that, there would not be much left of me!" Rocky muttered to himself in shock. He then turned to where the golden light had come from and saw Lena walking briskly towards him, looking furious. It appeared that she was the one that just saved his life.

The rider also saw Lena and grew stern. Trying to remain calm, she reported, "Your Royal Highness, I saw this man sneaking around the palace, so I made my move to stop him. I apologize for any disturbance caused."

"Is that so? Basil has only been sick for a few days yet you do not recognize him now? Your blindness appalls me, Shirley. Perhaps you are unfit for duty," Lena smiled coldly before turning to look at Rocky with care and concern.

"No wonder! I thought he looked familiar. He is Prince Basil!" The rider did his best to look surprised, but it was obviously an act.

"Shirley? Is she really a woman? Compared to you, she looks like a boy! You're about the same age! How can you two be so different?" Rocky exclaimed with astonishment, which stunned everyone.

"You... What did you say?" Shirley Ximen gritted her teeth, shooting Rocky a stern look as if she intended to cut him to pieces.

"Basil......" Lena looked at Rocky, rather displeased. This was the first time she heard anything like it about Shirley. True as it was, it was still a hurtful and ignorant thing to say, especially to someone's face.

Even the maids behind Lena couldn't help laughing.

"What? I am telling the truth. Looking half and half is a tragedy for a man like Shirley," Rock said with a straight face.

Shirley was about to explode with rage. She felt so deeply humiliated that she wanted to chop up Rocky. Yet given the presence of Lena, she had to contain her anger and instead stared at him with pure hatred. "Basil, mark my word. You will pay for it someday." She then jumped onto the flying creature and took off.

"Now you know who you are messing with!" Rocky grinned with much satisfaction watching Shirley left in embarrassment.

But his ear suddenly hurt, as if someone were pinching it forcefully. He turned and saw Lena staring disdainfully at him. "Basil! Since when did you start to talk so disrespectfully? How ignorant of you! There's no justification for what you just said. Insulting someone's appearance is a mark of poor character. She is still a girl. You really broke her heart by saying that!"

"Hey, you can't turn this around on me. She started it! Ah! Stop it! I am still a patient and you are hurting me." Seeing Lena become quite angry, Rocky decided that pulling his patie

nt card might get him out of this.

Hearing this, Lena released his ear and then instructed the maids: "Stand down now. If Priest Dean sends medicine, bring it here immediately."

The maids bowed and cleared the area and Rocky followed Lena back to the royal bedroom.

After they were inside the bedroom, Lena turned and asked Rocky, "Basil, do you really not remember anything at all?"

"No, not a bit." Rocky shook his head and acted like he was deeply pained by this.

"Then let me refresh your memory. Your name is Basil Long and you are the son of the thirty-fifth emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire, which makes you the prince."

"I see." Rocky responded indifferently yet he couldn't help picturing the extravagant life as a prince. 'I am indeed lucky as this guy turns out to be a prince. Looks I did not die in vain after all, ' Rocky thought to himself. He then turned to look at Lena. 'It seems like she and this Basil are really close. I wonder if she's his lover. Being a prince feels really good. Lena is so beautiful, but I don't know where they are now in this relationship. Nah, what the hell. They woke up in the same bed already. They should be quite intimate.'

Rocky smiled and then he moved close to Lena, taking in her aroma. "What about you?" Rocky asked.

"I am Lena Long and I am the nineteenth generation witch of the Holy Dragon Empire. And I am also your..." Lena said while pointing her delicate finger at herself.

"Girlfriend?" Rocky finished her sentence expectantly.

Lena stopped for a second before turning red. "Don't be silly. You're like a brother to me! Your mother breastfed me as a child. We grew up together!"

"So we must have known each other very well. I assumed you were my lover," Rocky said seriously.

Lena grew even redder. She stared at him in vexation. At the thought that he had lost his memory, she let it slide.

"Oh about that woman with the small breasts just now. How dare she talk to me like this! Doesn't she know that I am a prince? Who the hell is her anyway?" Rocky asked curiously.

"Shirley? She's the daughter of Bryant of Ximen Clan. Their clan is the most influential aristocracy of the Holy Dragon Empire. The clan leader Bryant was also the most powerful spirit manipulator in the entire Holy Dragon Empire. He was also one of the Three Great Generals in the empire and his status was only below the emperor himself," Lena explained.

"No wonder she was arrogant like that. It was just because she was born into a good family," Rocky said with a little contempt.

"What are you talking about? If it weren't for me, you would have been fatally injured by her. Nine out of ten in that family are spirit manipulators and nearly all of them know how to use the spiritual method. They are more than an ordinary people can take. Especially Shirley. She is considered the most gifted spirit manipulator after Bart in her family. One must become a spirit manipulator before turning eighteen. Otherwise, the chances are slim that any older than eighteen can still become a spirit manipulator. Shirley fused with the dragon spiritual power and became a royal spirit manipulator at the age of eleven. Most spirit manipulators of the same age stand no chance against her, let alone you. So no, her arrogance isn't just from her family's legacy," Lena said solemnly, staring at Rocky hard. She was not used to the way he spoke now.

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