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   Chapter 62 Remembering it all

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2889

Updated: 2019-10-22 22:36

Bella's p.o.v

"Michael " i called lowly.

"Yes, sorry i took long to remember" he said as tears rolled on my cheeks.

"No, but how" i asked.

"Well first can you tell that jerk to give us some privacy?" He asked as i nodded.

"Not happening, I'm not leaving my mate with you" he growled.

"Haggai please, just five minutes that's all I'm asking" i said softly.

"Fine, not a second more" he answered.

He turned and walked in the house with his mother and warriors.

"Michael" i called.

He smiled happily.

"I missed the way you used to call my name back then, Bella that night i chose joy i couldn't sleep, you were on my mind, then everyday i had a past memory but in that memory i was with you, it took me these past weeks to remember it all, i remember meeting you on the road at night with aunty who was hit by uncle, you called me Andy t

e with him then later when i came back to the present time, he left me for another woman and broke my heart, i was so depressed until Haggai helped me feel better, i was beginning to like and fall for Haggai, Haggai was a changed man and he was very good to me, i felt like i was stuck between two men.

"I don't mind dying for her but i also want her to make her own decision that will make her happy, Bella come with me" Michael whispered.

"No stay, i will treat you better than he can" Haggai said lowly.

I knew all to well who my heart wanted despite everything.

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