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   Chapter 52 Sleeping outside

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2628

Updated: 2019-10-22 21:50

Haggai's p.o.v

After mother applied medicine on my wound and bandaged it, i slowly leaped and went outside, i had no appetite to eat, the wound was hurting like a bitch and i couldn't heal without Stan, i slowly sat down under a big tree that was in front of the pack house with a deep sigh.

I was worse than my father, i became the exact man i despised and worse, i hurt a lot of my pack members in the past years, i was so thirsty for power and strength that i never truly cared about them.

The pack house door opened and Ryan came out, he approached me then sat down next to me.

Why was he here? It was getting late, i wondered.

"Hey why are you here?" I asked.

He faced me then smiled.

"To spend the night with you" he answered as i looked at him with disgust.

lly hurt her badly, I'm not siding with her or saying she did well with hurting you this way, I'm just staying i feel bad for both of you, if only there was a way to fix everything" he said lowly.

I lay down on the ground and closed my eyes, i too wished there was a way i could take back the past, but sadly there was no way my wish would come true, this was the price i had to pay for being cruel and a monster to my own mate, Stan and mother.

"Let's get some sleep tomorrow I'm sure it will be a cold day" he said

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