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   Chapter 49 Mere human

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2851

Updated: 2019-10-22 09:43

Haggai's p.o.v

"Bella please " I begged.

Why wasn't she believing me? I really wanted her with or without powers, i hurt her, yes i did and i was a fucking idiot, but i truly wanted her back even if it meant me being embarrassed in front of my pack.

"Oh no love the fun is just starting, don't ruin it by begging" she smiled as she said coldly.

This Bella who stood in front of me wearing clothes that exposed most of her body and had a cold expression wasn't the one i liked, the one in front of me was no longer my mate, i felt no connection with her its as if she was possessed by something.

"As of today Haggai I'm striping all your powers away, you are no longer alpha of this pack, you are just a mere servant, your pack is now mine" she laughed as i looked at my wrist with tears.

A dark tattoo was forming around my wrist, i bit

ll die, she's not like you and me " she whispered as the pain on my hand vanished, i quickly looked at my wrist, a tattoo of a dark rope was around it.

"Oh too late, the curse is already done" she whispered as she pointed at mother without looking at her.

Mother was let down by the wind safely on the ground, Bella turned and looked at everyone.

"Those who wish to follow me now, bow for your new queen and those who won't, prepare to be wiped out" she screamed as light green flames surrounded her body, i trembled in fear looking at how powerful she was.

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