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   Chapter 48 Making him pay

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2926

Updated: 2019-10-22 09:36

Bella's p.o.v

I stood at the pack entrance looking at the stupid pack, this wouldn't be fun i wanted them to know i was here, i closed my eyes as wind started blowing, when i opened them the wind was blowing thicker than ever, i smiled as i walked straight approaching the pack House and stood in front of it.

Many pack members stopped and looked at me, some were covering their eyes to avoid the wind and dust.

"Oh my god she's a witch" some whispered.

Some werewolf men surrounded me, judging from their stance they were warriors.

This was going to be fun, i closed my eyes channeling the negative force in me.

"Break" i whispered as i opened my eyes.

I laughed enjoying the warriors screams as their hands and legs broke.

"Stop" a familiar voice yelled.

I turned and faced my so called mate who stood at the entrance of the pack house door.


ter seeing I'm an element witch" i spat.

"No Bella i do want you with or without being an element witch" he answered lowly.

I laughed out lazily as i felt a negative force posses me.

"You kneel for your new queen" i spat as he forcefully knelt down.

"Bella please " he begged.

"Oh no love the fun is just starting, don't ruin it by begging" i whispered.

"As of today Haggai I'm stripping all your powers from you, you are no longer alpha of this pack, you are just a mere servant, your pack is now mine" i laughed as he looked at his wrist with tears in his eyes.

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