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   Chapter 47 Regret

Camouflage By Kathrine kayz Characters: 2615

Updated: 2019-10-22 09:31

Haggai's p.o.v

The past two weeks were hell to me, i finally understood why my father kept my mother close to him despite mistreating her, an alpha without a mate was weak but an alpha who had rejected a mate was weaker, i couldn't train or focus on both work or my pack, Stan wasn't talking to me and it hurt a lot, i regretted ever rejecting her, i now knew that father was a crazy liar, he was just messed up and blinded by power.

He pushed his fears and goals on me that i made his goals and fears as mine, i believed it was for the best until now, i realised that i lost big time and i felt like crying, not only did i lose the love of my life that only came once in a lifetime, i ordered her death, power and strength were nothing without her by my side, my pack was falli

yes became watery.

"After all the pain i have caused you, you still care?" I asked as she smiled softly.

"Of course i do, I'm your mother, no matter what, i want the best for you son" she answered.

I went to her and hugged her as i sobbed lowly.

"Mother, i lost her because of my stupidity, i also hurt you a lot" i cried as she rubbed my back gently.

I felt like i was taken back to the past, the time i was a kid i relayed only on her even though she was a human she did love me with everything she had

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